View Full Version : Best Post fight Boxing bashups - Post your favourite videos/moments

9th July 09, 07:29 PM
Did any of the Aus people watch the Superboxer event on TV (or live) last night?

Billy Dib vs. Yamaguchi for the WBO Asia Pac featherweight title was an absolute let down, the fight finished controversially in the first round. I'm a bit disappointed the ref didn't let the match go on, would have loved to see if Dib had what it took to truly dig down and set the tone of things after being shaken up a few times by Yamaguchi's unorthodox (and often crazy) antics.


The post-match fight that broke out was more entertaining than the crap that Yamaguchi threw at his opponent. The girly screams, 57kg men shoving each other, terrible entrance music and dancing...

9th July 09, 11:59 PM
57 KG? How tall are these men, 120 centimetres? How can you be an athlete and weigh in at 57 KG?

Also congratulations Dib, you won on referee stoppage from an illegal shot. Very impressive. Guess you really didn't want to get rocked again, huh?

10th July 09, 01:03 PM
57 kg?
My god..strawweights only draw in Asia or Mexico.