View Full Version : Tahini Vegetable Stew.

3rd July 09, 04:31 AM
This one goes out to my homies Lilz and Arjuna.

Here's a dish that I probably invented. The advantages of this stew is that it's easy to make, you can put a variety of veges and legumes in it and you get leftovers for a few nights.

I just made a batch then and I used:

Fava beans (but green lentils or yellow split peas work just as well.)

Pretty much any combination of vegetables will work. Whatever's your poison. Adding a little corn, peas, beans, ect. is good.

The essence of the dish is some vegetable stock for flavor then add about a quarter of a jar of tahini. This gives it a creamy and savory taste. You might want to experiment with the amount of tahini because once I did a batch and it turned out wrong. It must have been too much or little tahini.

Being a stew of course this is best served with some fresh crusty bread.

3rd July 09, 07:06 AM

Trying this when I go up to my Mom's this weekend. Thanks a lot.

5th July 09, 09:14 PM
Virus - thanks, will try it out this weekend, sounds like a good dish for a cold night when you get back from training. Have been put off Tahini due to someone using too much in their hommus, however will try it using your recipe :)

5th July 09, 11:00 PM
Straight tahini can be a little on the bitter side, it's a strong taste. I didn't like it straight at first but then tried it in soup and now I spread it on bread as well. I haven't tried unhulled, it's supposed to be bitter and I have a bitter tooth.