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27th June 09, 11:26 AM
New pilot from the people who brought you Battlestar Galactica.

Anybody watch it?

It has potential and I would definitely give it a chance if they make it into a series. Best description I can think of is "2001" meets "Big Brother" with a little "Vanilla Sky" thrown in.

27th June 09, 12:04 PM
Hulu or the parent corporation got it online yet?

1st July 09, 01:06 AM
I hopefully will be watching this shortly...

1st July 09, 01:27 AM
Saw it. It...has potential.

1st July 09, 01:49 AM
Watching now.

1st July 09, 02:15 AM
The doctor has Parkinson's??

I'm hooked automatically.

1st July 09, 09:42 AM
You guys do know that it wasn't picked up, right?

TV series campaign

Virtuality was filmed as a pilot but aired as a movie when FOX failed to pick up the series. On Friday June 26, 2009 Jessica Blank, wife of actor Erik Jensen who portrayed Dr. Jules Braun, posted a call to action on her husband's Facebook page urging people to watch the movie and write in support of more episodes.

1st July 09, 09:43 AM
also, the show/movie was pretty kick ass... i just wish it was on something like showtime so they could show all the boobies that you know moore is just dying to show you