View Full Version : pilot crashes chopper, saves passenger from croc

23rd June 09, 05:47 AM
basically they were trying to get a good look at a croc, the pilot screwed up and crashed. pilot dragged the passenger away and buried him in sand so he wouldn't get hypothermia.

The pilot of a helicopter which crashed near Darwin while hovering over a crocodile dragged his injured passenger away from the creature and buried him in sand to combat hypothermia.

The incident occurred on a mudflat about 100 metres off Dundee Beach, 60 kilometres south-west of Darwin, shortly before sunset last night.

Wreckage at the crash scene suggests a heavy impact, with the cabin, the engine and the tail rotor all in separate sections.

Police say the pilot used a satellite phone to raise the alarm but when rescuers first arrived, they thought the passenger was dead.

"The bizarre thing was that they thought initially the passenger was dead as he was buried in sand," CareFlight director Ian Badham said.

"It turned out that the pilot had realised it might take rescue services until daylight to actually get there.

"He was really concerned that his passenger - who was very, very badly injured - might develop hypothermia."

Mr Badham says it appears the pair were trying to catch a closer glimpse of a crocodile when they ran into trouble.

"The pilot suffered minor injuries but he was in severe shock and did tell our doctor that he remembered doing a steep turn to look at a crocodile," Mr Badham said.

"The next thing he was in the mud with wreckage on top of him."

The passenger is in Royal Darwin Hospital with chest and arm injuries.

A business owner near the scene of the crash says the two men are lucky to have survived.

Dundee Lodge owner, Lawrence Lehars, says he received a call about 6.15pm from police to see if he could reach the pair.

He said the low tide prevented them from helping the men.

"At low tide there's not much water so it's very hard to get to and very well croc-infested," Mr Lehars said.

"So it's not a very good place to come down in or get stranded, that's for sure."

Police say the crash has been reported to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.




23rd June 09, 06:00 AM
Sure, that's what he told the rescuers.

"Er, um, hypothermia."

Obviously it was an elaborate accidentally-crash-chopper-and-bury-him-alive-to-be-eaten-by-crocs torture ritual.

23rd June 09, 09:09 AM
Okaaay, weird idea, but if t worked, it worked. I'll try to remember that in case I'm ever in a heli crash at night near croc infested waters.

23rd June 09, 10:10 AM
Crocks hate sand in their teeth too.

23rd June 09, 12:11 PM
A Crocodile attack at Dundee Beach?

Crikey. How Aussie can you get, mate?

23rd June 09, 01:24 PM
Isn't sand a bad insulator?

23rd June 09, 01:40 PM
Better than being exposed to the cold air. Especially if the ground has been heated up by the sun all day, then it will stay warm for a few hours after the sun goes down.

23rd June 09, 02:32 PM
Crocks hate sand in their teeth too.

Fuck that, sand in the bathing suit is bad enough. Nothing like getting sand in your chest and arm wounds. Still, like Arjuna said: if it works, it works.

23rd June 09, 06:26 PM
So, who's visiting Australia this year?

Great job by the pilot in fixing up what he screwed up. Even after that crash, the fact he was able to take stock of the situation and act is pretty amazing.

Taking a closer look at a crocodile from a light plane is the stupidest thing I ever heard though.

30th June 09, 07:30 AM
well, he didn't have a lightsabre

Kein Haar
30th June 09, 11:26 AM
I coulda saved 'em.

Yiktin Voxbane
30th June 09, 08:59 PM
he crashed in an area where the crocs are FULLY-SICK !

30th June 09, 11:03 PM
I coulda saved 'em.

That's now really funny with your new avatar.