View Full Version : Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland

Spade: The Real Snake
22nd June 09, 05:02 PM

From the USA Today:


This thing looks pretty nice. Hope he gets it out before that cockgobbler Marilyn Manson puts his film out.

A link to some panoramic concept art:

Robot Jesus
22nd June 09, 05:14 PM
looks sufficiently drug induced.

Yiktin Voxbane
22nd June 09, 07:39 PM
I used to own a game based on an *evil* themed Alice, from memory 'twas brownie McGee's Alice .

It was meh .

22nd June 09, 09:46 PM
I used to own a game based on an *evil* themed Alice, from memory 'twas brownie McGee's Alice .

It was meh .

I did like the character design and story of the evil themed Alice. It was a nice take on the book

Yiktin Voxbane
22nd June 09, 10:09 PM
Agreed, pity the gameplay was bloody woeful

22nd June 09, 11:11 PM
Vorpal Knife was all you needed. Almost beat the queen with that thing.

Oh yeah, hey Tim? Remember when you made your own stories? Yeah, those were great.

(I'll see it, but I'm afraid this will go the way of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.)

23rd June 09, 07:51 AM
The ice wand was my weapon of choice.

On all accounts you are the only person who hates that movie, Arjuna. Now Sweeney Todd is another issue.

Spade: The Real Snake
23rd June 09, 07:57 AM
Sweeny Todd has a singing Snape AND singing Borat.

23rd June 09, 08:26 AM
Friend of mine used to hang out with the chick they've got playing Alice. I never met her but he used to mention her before she did Suburban Mayhem and got 'big', must be pretty when people you know go from being your schoolmate to chillin' with Burton.

23rd June 09, 08:47 AM
I didn't hate the new Chocolate Factory. I appreciated their attempt to make it more in line with the book. I hated the fact that they thought Mr. Wonka needed some crappy dentist backstory.

I just don't want to hear about how the White Rabbit's dad was a clockmaker or how the Mad Hatter had a lovely wife who encouraged his cap tailoring before being lost at sea or whatever else they might think of.

If it turns out that they are going with "visited before but doesn't remember" then I'll be much more lenient on the story.

25th June 09, 07:39 PM
When is this due out?

Sun Wukong
25th June 09, 08:12 PM
I enjoyed Sweeney Todd.

26th June 09, 06:55 AM
American McGee's Alice was a great game, you fucks. Evil, twisted kiddie fantasy with tons of gore FTW. Even did a review on it in my SPECTACULAR review thread.

And the exploding Jack-in-the-box was the best weapon.