View Full Version : For the first time in my life I REALLY want to go to a Red Lobster...

11th June 09, 07:19 PM
Found on SomethingAwful:

My friends and I have a yearly tradition that we refer to as LobsterFest. LobsterFest consists entirely of us comically harassing a Red Lobster restaurant and then seeing if they will be willing to serve us afterwards. This year was the 5th year anniversary of LobsterFest so we decided to go for broke and attempt to get banned from the restaurant forever. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your perspective, they had a better sense of humour than we originally anticipated. My friend recently posted our adventure in a youtube thread and it got a pretty good response so I thought you guys might get a kick out of it:

It's worth noting that any music you hear in the video was actually playing on a boombox we brought with us.

Now behold the glory...


I'm thinking of taking Ian when he visits.

11th June 09, 07:21 PM
And I am so going...


13th June 09, 04:25 PM
Before I view this.... is it better than the 'Hospitaliano" harrassment of Olive Garden?

13th June 09, 04:27 PM
post for comparison plx.

But my guess is no.

13th June 09, 04:50 PM
Not sure what you mean but search for something known as "cheese chicken?" maybe....

13th June 09, 04:57 PM
just watch and let the lulz take you.

13th June 09, 05:10 PM
The acting is not that great, but the effort....

It's worth watching for that.