View Full Version : "Daddy ate my eyes"

19th May 09, 11:15 PM
Holy fucking shit. This is probably the most disturbing thing I've ever heard of in my entire life. Not for the weak of stomach:


This sick motherfucker should have his balls chopped off and stuff down his throat. I don't care if you're on PCP or whatever, this is just nuts. And mom isn't much better, how fucked up of a mother do you have to be if your drug-addict exboyfriend gets full custody of your kid?

I hate Bakersfield so much.

19th May 09, 11:19 PM
The horror. The horror.

19th May 09, 11:22 PM
He actually mutliated one eye and bit the other, the kid is so cute in the pictures :(

19th May 09, 11:32 PM
He actually mutliated one eye and bit the other, the kid is so cute in the pictures :(

The video doesn't say this, but I bet the dad ATE the other eye, because the cops said it's missing, like they can't find it. If you're sick enough to bite out your son's eye, you're probably going to go ahead and swallow it.

Leon S Kennedy
20th May 09, 03:10 AM
What the fuck!?!??! FUcking fuck took away his poor son's vision. Oh my fucking god. How the fuck do people do this shit? I mean, i'm fucking drunk right now but goddamnit how can anybody even durnk or whatever can do shit like this to their own son or any kid for that matter. total fucking bullshit.

20th May 09, 06:04 AM
like i always say, punishment should fit the crime.

20th May 09, 09:01 AM
Truly sad. I hate to say it, but this guy should be immediately executed.

What's the point of his existence on this planet?

Sun Wukong
20th May 09, 10:01 AM
I say chain him to a rock and feed him to vultures. works for me.

20th May 09, 12:14 PM
If he committed the crimes while on drugs, then it obviously isn't his fault because drug addiction is a disease and society isn't fair and pushes people into drugs.

Or something stupid like that.

20th May 09, 12:28 PM
Justice won't happen via the Courts, but it just might happen in the Cell Block.

And yeah, Bakersfield is exactly the kind of town where this would happen.

20th May 09, 12:38 PM
Doesn't matter. If he's a danger to others, it doesn't matter why that is, he needs to be restrained, etc. In this case, life in prison or execution would be the only options. I can't see anything good coming out of him being free. Child abuse is pretty high on the list of good signs that a person is fucking insane.

20th May 09, 02:20 PM
I don't want to be told about things like this. I let macabre curiosity get the better of me, and now I feel sick.

20th May 09, 02:25 PM
I don't want to be told about things like this. I let macabre curiosity get the better of me, and now I feel sick.

Too many eyes? Well, at least now you'll save money on your kids' glasses.

20th May 09, 02:27 PM
yeah... they sure do alot of drugs in bakersfield. (http://www.sociocide.com/forums/showthread.php?t=52198&highlight=bakersfield)

20th May 09, 03:00 PM
Well since his mom is a giant right foot, I could see why they'd be bad parents.

Robot Jesus
20th May 09, 06:18 PM
I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that the man may be mentaly ill.

20th May 09, 07:34 PM
Ahh, but LH, Kracker and Knave would like to know: was he handled gently during the arrest? Were there any police abuses of any kind? That is what is most important.

Quite frankly, in you're so utterly fucked up that you eat a kid's EYES out of his freaking skull, even I don't care what happens to you. Tasering and prison rape won't make him a better person and I stand by that. In his case however, there's probably nothing that will.

Robot Jesus
20th May 09, 07:38 PM
possibly Thorazine

20th May 09, 07:39 PM
Now do you guys believe in licenses for breeding?

20th May 09, 09:34 PM
I'd glossed over this thread title a couple of times, too pressed for time to actually click on it, telling myself "No, it can't be literal... eating one's eyes out--must be some avantgarde utterance of revulsion," but oh no...

21st May 09, 05:00 AM
Doing stuff to another person's eyes reveals sadistic maliciousness

21st May 09, 06:17 AM
Eyewitness news. Hehehe.

Kein Haar
21st May 09, 06:52 AM
Would an eye-phone help matters at this point?

21st May 09, 06:56 AM
Maybe they should stop buying things at eye-kea

Kein Haar
21st May 09, 06:59 AM
I hope the wounds were cleaned with eyeodine.

21st May 09, 07:01 AM
Bakersfield is not on my eye-tinary

Kein Haar
21st May 09, 07:05 AM
Ewe should stop.


21st May 09, 07:15 AM
Eye don't think we should.

21st May 09, 10:29 AM
Major food foul. Needs wine. (http://www.gangofpour.com/kerr/vintagestns/september2003/images/goat_head.jpg)

21st May 09, 10:31 AM
looks like Faeroe Eyesland food.

23rd May 09, 12:05 AM

Tasering and prison rape won't make him a better person and I stand by that. In his case however, there's probably nothing that will.

See, you talk about tasings and prison rape in a case like this. I talk about the responding officers needing the authority to flay the guy.

Robot Jesus
23rd May 09, 12:11 AM
and if he is a paranoid schizophrenic, or in a deep manic state?

EDIT: they thirst for quick justice, but they think not of the consequences.

23rd May 09, 01:01 AM
As a father, I hope this man dies a horrible death, soon.

23rd May 09, 10:33 AM
I'm still trying to understand how this guy got custody.

Convicted of mayhem?

Mayhem is an offence under the common law of England and Wales and other common law jurisdictions. In England and Wales, it has fallen into disuse. In 1992 the Law Commission recommended that it be abolished,[1] and in 1998 the Home Office proposed to abolish it, in the course of codifying the law relating to offences against the person.[2]

It consisted of the intentional and wanton removal of a body part that would handicap a person's ability to defend himself in combat. Under the strict common law definition, this required damage to an eye or a limb, while cutting off an ear or a nose was deemed not sufficiently disabling. Later the meaning of the crime expanded to encompass any mutilation, disfigurement, or crippling act done using any instrument. The noun "mayhem", and the verb "maim", came from Old French mahaigne.[3]

Assault with a deadly weapon?

Previosu conviction of child cruelty?

We should be going after the "social workers" that let this shit go down. I mean really... who are these people and WTF do they do all day?

Do you have to bite a child's eyes out to loose custody in california?

And the kid is living with teh aunt now? And they let negeligent as all holy shit mommy near the kid?

Hello.... Foster care on line 2.

and the fucking mother... "he was a good dad... I dont know how this happened"... this guy fucking chops parts off of people and you leave him with your fucking child? And the state lets him keep a child?

my head assplode.