View Full Version : Ho do Cook Easter Bunnies?

6th May 09, 02:43 PM
Mean heartless KO'd, recently dispatched a few bunnies to the Great Warren in the sky..

I am now hated by the little ones (and some of the older ones in the family) and I have been labled as a butcher...

I accept, however if I will be condemned for that I can at least have my belly filled.

THEREFORE: what would be the best way to cook up these little bunnies in order to satisfy my belly (located 'neath my empty, non-compassionate heart)

I am thinking, roasted or perhaps stewed. What would you recommend?

Robot Jesus
6th May 09, 03:24 PM
the piece supplied by the hare for roasting is the saddle and back, which constitutes that part of the animal reaching from the foot of the neck to the tail, the latter being included.

it should be cleared of all tendons and delicately larded with bacon

roast in a hot oven until just done.

deglaze the pan with veal stock, lemon juice. mix with sour cream and serve at it's side.

6th May 09, 03:44 PM

Bacon..That is exactly what I am going to do...I'll let you know how it turns out.

It might be good enough to get me back in the family's good books...or at least torment them with the aroma. Win win.

Robot Jesus
6th May 09, 04:44 PM
agreed escoffier is the man, even if he is vague about temperatures.

6th May 09, 05:53 PM
I like them in a pie with leaks and mushrooms, and a little chinese plum sauce in the gravy.

7th May 09, 01:29 AM
Indeed, bacon is a must. You will find that rabbits are not the most flavorful of furry woodland creatures.