View Full Version : Good gluten free dishes?

Toby Christensen
3rd May 09, 11:35 PM
One of the gents I know I would like to invite to dinner except he is violently allergic to gluten.

I am no cook and don't really know what's good (gluten free slices and biscuits are, but you can't live on those).

4th May 09, 02:01 AM
Tell him to GTFO if he can't handle gluten

David Koresh Jr.
4th May 09, 12:47 PM
You can get gluten free pasta. Get the rice version Corn version blows big dick. Try HEB or Whole Foods if there is one around. Cook some rice otherwise make sure the sauces don't contain gluten, soy sauce usually does. You can also order gluten free flour and it usually makes for some good cookies or cake.

4th May 09, 01:37 PM

Robot Jesus
4th May 09, 08:15 PM

Toby Christensen
4th May 09, 09:21 PM
cyanide soup.

Poisoning someone is dishounorable.
Poisoning a guest is just being a bad host.

Robot Jesus
5th May 09, 08:56 PM
morning glory soup with a salvia garnish?

Toby Christensen
5th May 09, 09:48 PM
I'm fairly sure the morning glory plant is poisonous if consumed.

Robot Jesus
5th May 09, 10:35 PM
yes, but in a fun way.

5th May 09, 11:56 PM
Use cornflour or riceflour in any flour-recipe. It might not work 100% of the time [the flavour, or adhesiveness, or rise may be tweaked by the flour somewhat] but this is the general theory behind 'gluten free'. You just replace the gluten products with non-gluten ones.

Make him steak and 2 veg. If he doesn't like that tell him you're not his friend anymore.

7th May 09, 02:10 PM

mmmm, steak!

8th May 09, 02:22 AM
Do they make gluten-free gluten?

8th May 09, 02:40 AM
Miracle Noodles! (http://www.miraclenoodle.com/?gclid=CJTL9d2brJoCFQkzawodKBNJbg)

8th May 09, 02:57 PM
Fucks sake Toby Aus is the biggest producer and market for Gluten free dishes in the world, get you sorry wheelchair bound arse down to a supermarket and get some Orgran products, Give him/her/both any combo of veggies meat fish cheese eggs pulses etc. What a fucking mong question. Gluten is in wheat, kamut and spelt and to a lesser extent in barley,so anything that does not have them.