View Full Version : Wine is fine but whiskeys quicker

Robot Jesus
15th April 09, 08:15 PM
I've been watching californication, good show; second season gets a little too into love triangels.I liked it better when it was the debauched moralist vs evil whitebread, but that dynamic had an expiery date.

I like the little bits read from Hanks work, has anyone read a real book that has a similar feel?

16th April 09, 04:53 AM
Californication is the ultimate author insertion fantasy.

It is also a great show.

Robot Jesus
16th April 09, 08:50 AM
I just want to know what autor the writers are rifing off of, because there's no way in hell the executive producer of dawsons creek is makeing this up on his own.

2nd May 09, 10:19 AM
"I'm sorry, I thought it was because you liked the feeling of my balls on your knuckles."

I <3 Hank.