View Full Version : It's a dark day for MLB fans

Sun Wukong
9th April 09, 01:09 PM
Extremely promising 22 year old pitcher, Nick Adenhart, dies in hit and run crash. This guy could have made it into the baseball hall of fame one day, snuffed out way too soon.

Rest in Peace kid.


9th April 09, 01:17 PM
I hated hearing this.

Why can't hit&run assholes take out Arianna Huffington or Michael Milken or Al Gore or some other piece of shit besides a promising young cat like this?

Fucks with my day, this does.

9th April 09, 01:21 PM
Why Al Gore?

9th April 09, 01:59 PM
Because he invented the internet and look what's happened to it!

9th April 09, 03:36 PM
RIP, kid.

And I'll be praying for your family.

Dark Helmet
9th April 09, 04:40 PM
Why Arianna Huffington? Because she's a Liberal?

10th April 09, 12:18 AM
Because she's a woman.

10th April 09, 02:25 AM
just kill everyone besides Nick Adenhardt, goddammit.

How hard is that to understand?!?! Fucking irritating...and I'm an A's fan btw

Sun Wukong
10th April 09, 08:46 AM
The Angels are the only thing I liked about LA. God damn it.

10th April 09, 10:11 AM
I don't follow Baseball anymore but I love the game. That was indeed a sad story.

10th April 09, 01:15 PM
That's terrible..