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4th April 09, 08:13 PM
I like to cook with a lot of love. I put a little bit of myself into every dish I make. And I like to think I have an open mind when it comes to trying new foods, but there are a few things I refuse to try, dog meat being one of my few taboos. I'll have to add something new to my list of things I refuse to eat, though.


If Rachel Ray needs a supply for a dish, I can give her a few teaspoons worth, if she wants.

4th April 09, 08:26 PM
Amazing [ No Rating ] 9 Mar 2009
by steve O'hara
We raised 400$ for a church during the bake sale becuase people could not get enough of the cream cheese cookies we made. Thanks Semen cookbook

15 Mar 2009
by Richard Flinchum
I think you can get arrested for that. And I hope you do.
Re: Amazing

13 Mar 2009
by Paul Photenhauer
Please don't feed semen to people who have not consented! It is like tricking vegetarians into eating meat. It's wrong.

Oh and it is because of people like you that I NEVER EVER eat home made foods from people I do not know. I might buy the food to show my support, but I would never eat it.

- Fotie
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Soylent White [ No Rating ] 8 Mar 2009
by Ryan House

11th April 09, 02:35 PM
"Soylent White."


Robot Jesus
18th April 09, 02:53 AM
so i am drinking my closet cider (apple juice +champagne yeast+ forgetting for three weeks in a closet) cullion wasn't kidding about the b vitamins

To travel in silence / by a long and circuitous route, / To brave the arrows of misfortune / and fear neither noose nor fire, / To play the greatest of all games / and win, foregoing no expense / is to mock the vicissitudes of Fate / and gain at last the key / that will unlock the Ninth Gate.

18th April 09, 08:07 AM
I'm so happy for you RJ. We have to pass this knowledge on to our neighbours and children, so that our people can be free once again.

Robot Jesus
18th April 09, 05:42 PM
putting salvia in your cider and watching the ninth gate can make for an odd evening.