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4th April 09, 06:59 AM
Cromartie High School
What is it?

It's an anime about a kid who enrolls into the wrong high school, since it is full of delinquants. He learns about delinquent culture and together they try to beat the other schools as to become "The Ultimate Badasses". Unfortunately absurd non-sequitur, 4th wall breaking incidents.

Why is it good?

I would say mostly because it works on many levels: It possesses a very well done non-sequitur humour, which I enjoy. It is a parody of the tropes of mangas and animes and does this in a self aware fashion with an akward visual style to tie all the things together.
The episodes are pretty short (about 10 minuttes each) and it works in its favour.

It questions the absurdities of stereotyping a group by being absurd and through this I think it shows you that silly humour is stupid and you should laugh at it.

I have seen both the Japanese version and the dubs, and they did a pretty good job translating something so weird. So you can watch it in either language and enjoy it.

I give it a [**** ] 4/5

Japanese version eighteen episodes here; subs are slightly confusing sometimes (http://www.animecrazy.net/cromartie-high-school-episode-1/)

Episode one; english dub.

5th April 09, 11:55 PM
That show is.... amazing.
It reminds me a lot of Ping Pong Club. But with more Freddy Mercury.

6th April 09, 12:54 AM
I have the DVD's. It has no plot, and is awesome. Everything from the robot to the gorrilla.

I dissolved into laughter so hard a couple of times i had to pause it to get it out of my system. I love how its constantly telling you to read the comic.

6th April 09, 11:13 AM
CHS is pure excellence.

6th April 09, 12:56 PM
I have all 4 seasons on DVD. The show is quite simply AMAZING after the first two episodes and before the last few. But the middle part is sooooo fucking awesome. 5/5 from me, definitely.

6th April 09, 01:05 PM
I was pleasantly surprised at the English dub.

11th April 09, 11:27 PM
Any other websites to watch anime?

IM looking for basilisk.

12th April 09, 06:56 PM
Any other websites to watch anime?

IM looking for basilisk.
you will have to search long and hard for streams with Basilisk kouga ninpo chou, since it is licensed to funmation and their incredibly efficient copyright team, sorry.

17th April 09, 05:16 AM
Sweet I'll have to check that one out