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31st March 09, 11:22 PM

Okay we get it - cults have an amazing way of warping your perspective which makes people do things they normally wouldn't do. Fine. If you want to cut off your penis and commit suicide waiting for a comet, well, it truly sucks for your family. But if you allow your child to starve because their 1-year old brain failed to instruct them to say "Amen" after dinner, then you should be beaten with reeds.

If you can ignore your starving child's cries, regardless of the reason, you should be surgically-rendered infertile so that you can't possibly subject another child to your insanity.

Stoopid cunt.

31st March 09, 11:28 PM
Fixed the thread title for you.

Yeah, really fucked up. It makes chills go down my spine whenever I read about stupidity of this magnitude. All the more reason to take cults as serious threats and not something you just kind of scoff at in your mind while telling other people that you tolerate this shit because it's someone's religion.

31st March 09, 11:30 PM
I find this link to be a bit more disturbing (considering CNN goes right for the most ridiculous part of the story): http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/03/31/cult.child.death/index.html

Mom's plea deal includes 'resurrection clause'

A Maryland woman involved with a group described as a religious cult pleaded guilty in the starvation death of her son, but insisted that the charges be dropped when he is resurrected.
Under terms of her plea agreement, Ria Ramkissoon's charges will be dropped if her son rises from the dead.

Under terms of her plea agreement, Ria Ramkissoon's charges will be dropped if her son rises from the dead.

The condition was made a part of Ria Ramkissoon's plea agreement, officials said. She entered the plea Monday in Baltimore, Maryland, to a first-degree felony count of child abuse resulting in death, her attorney, Steven Silverman, said Tuesday.

Ramkissoon, a member of a group called One Mind Ministries, believes Javon Thompson, her year-old son, will rise again, and as part of her plea agreement, authorities agreed to the clause.

"She certainly recognizes that her omissions caused the death of her son," Silverman said. "To this day, she believes it was God's will and he will be resurrected and this will all take care of itself. She realizes if she's wrong, then everyone has to take responsibility ... and if she's wrong, then she's a failure as a mother and the worst thing imaginable has happened. I don't think that, mentally, she's ready to accept that."

Under the plea agreement, Ramkissoon, 22, must testify against four other One Mind Ministries members who are also facing charges, including first-degree murder, in Javon's death. At her sentencing, set for August, she will receive a 20-year sentence, which will be suspended except for the time she has already served behind bars, Silverman said. She must also undergo deprogramming and psychiatric counseling.

In court Monday, it was clarified that the "resurrection clause" would apply only in the case of Javon's actual resurrection -- not a perceived reincarnation, Silverman said.

"This has never come up in the history of American law, as far as I've seen," Silverman said, adding that the clause was "very important to her."

If the child comes back to life, all charges will be dropped.

Yes, WTF indeed.

Robot Jesus
1st April 09, 12:30 AM
i wonder if this is the cults first attempt at child rearing.

1st April 09, 08:05 AM
I can't believe the mother won't do any real time. She's off virtually scott free on the grounds her testimony will convict the other members. faulty legal system

And, is it just me, or is it totally ironic that the cults name virtually yells cult? "One Mind...."

Ramkissoon pleaded guilty to one count of child abuse resulting in death. She will remain in custody until she testifies against her co-defendants and will receive a suspended 20-year sentence and serve five years probation. Sentencing was scheduled for Aug. 11. By then, Ramkissoon would have spent about a year behind bars.
As part of her probation, Ramkissoon must submit to treatment, including sessions with an expert on cult behavior.

1st April 09, 08:33 AM

1st April 09, 09:02 AM
I want to stab her in the eye, and I want her to survive it.

Kein Haar
1st April 09, 09:16 AM
PBS's "The American Experience" had a good show the other night about Jonestown.

I consider that a must see for people who weren't born yet.

I didn't realize what a big deal that organization was (in general) in this country. It wasn't just some goofy fucks who snuck off first to the jungle and THEN became notorious.

Plus, the degree of audio and video documentation of that was surprising. Footage right up to the kool-aid drinking end.

1st April 09, 09:36 AM
One Mind. LOL

I can just see some judge rolling his eyes and saying," if he comes back to life, I'll drop the charges. Sure."

The world really is coming to an end with a whimper.

Spade: The Real Snake
1st April 09, 12:01 PM
Now this begs into question:

To what extent do we allow/excuse what is construed as illegal and/or immoral behaviour (see: Wife Rape Thread) based on cultural or religious beliefs?

1st April 09, 02:27 PM
You're only as free to do as the law allows or what you can get away with. If they feel like murdering disobedient children is infringing upon their beliefs, then they can petition their local government to amend the laws so they may do so. Other than that, I say fuck them, but that is just my opinion.

1st April 09, 07:49 PM
Now this begs into question:

To what extent do we allow/excuse what is construed as illegal and/or immoral behaviour (see: Wife Rape Thread) based on cultural or religious beliefs?

I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so.
But I know it when I see it, and the motion picture involved in this case is not that. [Emphasis added.]
Justice Potter Stewart (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potter_Stewart),

Probably not the most appropriate quote, but its the best I could come up with right now. I was going to say, "democracy". But then remembered democracy kept slavery as an institution for a very long time . Though I do feel, with time, democracy weeds out the imperfections, even when long in comming. Not perfect by far, but you get the idea.

I think any action that harms another person should be persecuted, regardless of religion reason, because one's right to practice religion does not allow to infringe on other peoples right. And a one year old not saying 'amen'.... FUCK....... I can't even think of words to describe the ironic depravity in that. Worse yet, friggin quacks, knowing full well the baby won't ressurect, but role playing that shit anyway.

Mind you, I practice a religion that has sought, and won rights beyond what many would consider sensible. (But obviously, never aimed to hurt people. ) And in seeking those rights, we have been traditionally and publicly liberal towards other people's beliefs, but never to the extent where they infringe on another person's rights or that which allowed harm to come to anyone.

Sun Wukong
1st April 09, 07:52 PM
Personally, this is yet another case of where I'm in favor of the death penalty. Preferably by choking on her own uterus.