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4th March 09, 03:11 AM
I have known how to juggler for years. Learned from the same step bother that taught me how to pick locks with paper clips (we broke into Cal Tech, but that is another story). Often if I encounter three like items of small size I will have to juggle them, if just for a bit. Anyway, I came across this site tonight: http://www.thewjf.com/

From what I gather, they are really hard up to get juggling as an Olympic sport and I love the idea. It really is a physically demanding activity if you juggle more than 3 items (talking about tennis ball type stuff, not chainsaws). Plus, the variety of routines is quite literally endless.

Haven't had much time to dig through their site yet, but feel free to post your opinions and/or awesome juggling videos in this thread.


4th March 09, 04:19 AM
I have nothing to contribute, but I support this thread wholeheartedly.

4th March 09, 04:25 AM
The head of the federation:


Unfortunately he's a total douchebag (I imagine that is because he has felt a need to defend juggling instead of just enjoying it), but I admire his dedication to the sport.

4th March 09, 04:27 AM
Also, the broken nose proves my point that jugglers are HARDCORE.

Kein Haar
4th March 09, 10:35 AM
What a cocky juggler.