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24th February 09, 10:35 PM
I love having a grownup for president.

Bobby Jindal is coming off like my high school air guitar act following the Rolloing Stones.

24th February 09, 10:54 PM
Does this have something to do with jindal's ideological posturing vs. the stimulus bill?

24th February 09, 11:11 PM
Obama gave a pseudo-state of the union address to congress tonight about the economy.


Bobby Jindal got tapped to give the republican rebuttal.


24th February 09, 11:17 PM
Ok so it was.
Just not the posturing I was thinking about.

25th February 09, 12:28 AM
Are the Republicans really calling a fast rail from LA to LV irresponsible? Come on, that's going to pay for itself. You know it will.

25th February 09, 02:23 AM
i caught part of that. i liked the thing about being more accountable, and having a website to track where your tax dollars are being spent. hes a great speaker too, i didn't pay much attention during your whole election thing (i'm in another country, i really don't care that much about politics) but yeah he really conveys a tone that sounds like you can trust him, even if he's lying his ass off. they must teach that in law school.

Sun Wukong
25th February 09, 02:33 AM
Are the Republicans really calling a fast rail from LA to LV irresponsible? Come on, that's going to pay for itself. You know it will.

Dude, you know the truth doesn't matter in purely partisan politics; being completely partisan is the only ace left up the republican party sleeve.

Somebody please tell me I'm wrong, but the only thing they have left in the tank is to saddle Obama with GW's legacy. That, and retarded comparisons to obama and karl marx.

Truculent Sheep
25th February 09, 04:17 AM
The Repubs are a busted flush until 2016 at the earliest. They've got nothing to offer other than arguments about how crap the other side are.

Robot Jesus
25th February 09, 04:34 AM
I think if they tryed to play ball they might be able to repair there PR dammage. Right now they are just comeing off as whiny babys.

25th February 09, 10:49 AM
Obama's popularity is a real problem for them. If they piss around too much, the public will turn against them, and he'll say "we need to work together, not tear the country apart with bickering". And then they are toast next election.

If they roll over and let him scratch their belly, then they are seen as pandering to the left. I watched the NBC coverage, and all of the shots of the republican leaders were hilarious. They were either tuned out, or they looked like they were swallowing battery acid as they smiled. Particularly, John McCain.

Looks good on 'em.