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5th February 09, 11:54 AM
Help pls those who have constructive advice. The rest, throw things and make funny haa haa sounds.

The facts as I recall them...

6/13/07 I was driving home and apparently doing 41 in a 15 mph zone. The zoning is bogus, since the 'school' was abandoned on that date. Whatever. I also had an expired NY inspection sticker. So I got 2 tickets for the price of one!

The trooper (yes, not cop) advised me to plead NOT GUILTY to both tickets, especially if I got the car inspected within a week and sent in a copy of the receipt. I did this, but plead guilty to the speeding violation (what do I know, was my first ticket.

I'm going over there in a few hours and hopefully the officer will not show and the judge will dismiss things.

HOWEVER. If the trooper shows, will it help me to state that he told me what he said or just take my lumps, hush my mouth and pay the fine?

Thank you for ALL your help!
Others can be run over by my frozen little Subaru.

5th February 09, 12:43 PM
Plead incompetence. When I got my first (and only so far) ticket, it was for having that sticker thing expired. By 6 months. I just said I hadn't had my licence long and what the fuck do I know about grown up stuff (I was 19 I think)? Judge cut it in half. $100 instead of $200.

5th February 09, 12:49 PM
I'm frantically trying to find any paperwork I can to prove things. I can't very well pull the sticker off the windshield or tell them to go look at it, can I? All I got is a bank statement which shows I paid a garage (but not for what) and the post office receipt for mailing the money order for the speeding ticket.

Thanks, Nun, that helps. What if the Judge isn't a woman tho?

PL, I'm not 19 anymore. Ignorance is no excuse and all that. But thanks.

5th February 09, 01:01 PM
PL, I'm not 19 anymore. Ignorance is no excuse and all that. But thanks.

Hair in pig tails, push-up bra, short skirt, and a lot of slutty looking make up. Bam, you're 19 again. It's always worked for me.

5th February 09, 01:03 PM
If I do that, more like I can enter a plea of insanity. It's like 9 degrees here today.

5th February 09, 01:12 PM
Your best bet is the officer not showing. If he shows, ask to see maintainence logs for the radar or ladar unit, proving it was calibrated before the officer went on patrol, or within the stipulated maintainence period. Point out that the school was not in session on the day in question. Court should be able to verify that with a simple phone call to the district office. At the very least, you should be able to get the school zone fine knocked off.

5th February 09, 01:16 PM
oooh.. really?

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5th February 09, 01:21 PM

5th February 09, 01:33 PM
Donno about Yankeeland, really, but that usually works south of the Manson/Nixon line. YMMV. In any case, be nice, be humble, say yes mamm/sir/your honor, no mamm/sir/your honor, and be honest. Certainly a speeding ticket isn't the end of the world?

Thing is, you already pleaded guilty, right? You may be stuck paying a fine, just not the school zone fine, provided the school was not in session.

5th February 09, 01:35 PM
The school has been closed for years. Thing is there's 2 schools next door to one another. I was pulled over in front of the empty one (actually, it's been sold and is now a mosque now).

I will take all this info and advice with me and let you know what happens when I get back.

5th February 09, 01:57 PM
Are school zones 24/7 out there or something?

5th February 09, 02:03 PM
Some of 'em say on the signs 'during school hours' or 7am -7pm or whatever.
This is just a bit of normally 30 mph road with 15 mph signs where there's now one school, used to be 2. Either way, NO kids ever crossed that road for any reason, there's parking lots for the buses.

It wasn't even the end of the month, but around here State Troopers give lots of tickets just because they have to.

5th February 09, 05:44 PM
The officer looked at his papers, including proof I sent that I got the car inspected 3 short days after being pulled over and he let me go. He also explained that the ridiculous speed limit is because that's a town road, not a route anything.


5th February 09, 06:14 PM
Excellent, glad things worked out. :)

5th February 09, 06:16 PM
Me, too, thanks. This morning at work kinda stunk so at least the day ended well.

And there's a bit of SCOTCH left!

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5th February 09, 10:50 PM

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