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11th January 09, 11:27 PM
I ran across this when I was looking at James Gunn the writer/director of Slither's imdb page.

I don’t know who the first person was to make the joke about what a porn film would be like if you took the sex out, or just riffed on the dialogue in general, but it’s something everyone does or knows how to do: You make a couple puns about pizza delivery boys or pool maintenance men or, just to be different, overworked copy editors; you make the bow-chicka-bow-wow noise; you remember you’re not in college; you move on.

Writer-director James Gunn (Slither) is taking the premise even further, announcing via his Twitter and MySpace accounts that his new project will be called PG Porn, which will basically be re-enactments of pornos using Hollywood actors, porn stars, and actual skin-flick dialogue but no actual sex. As Gunn writes (capitalizations all his own), “JAMES GUNN’S PG-PORN is the only porn where, when the delivery boy comes over to deliver some pizza, people actual get what they’re expecting — some delicious pizza!”

Initial pairings include Nathan “Tightpants” Fillion and some porn star; Michael “I Was in Urban Legend Before ‘Smallville,’ Dick” Rosenbaum and some porn star; James “My Actual Name” Gunn and some porn star; and James’ brother Sean “‘Gilmore Girls’ Was Never Like This” Gunn along with some porn star. The debut episode, “Nailing Your Wife,” hits Spike.com


I'm a Fillion and a Gunn fan. The concept seems mildly amusing, but I going to see how it turns out.

boondock lee
12th January 09, 12:49 AM
Sorry to burst your bubble, but Steve posted a thread about this back in october.....

12th January 09, 01:57 AM
I'll still masturbate to it.

12th January 09, 03:42 AM
I'll still masturbate to it.
We know you will.