5th January 09, 11:52 AM
Goin' for gold for the fifth straight year!! Can the canucks pull it off and tie the country's previous record of five straight gold medals?
Actually, this year's team is not as good as others from the last few years. The Canadian boys are smaller this year -with just one player over 200lbs..they also seem to be less defensively aware - having surrenderred 9 goals in the last two games (despite the fact that they won both of them). goaltending is far from outstanding, but both the guys they have put in have made the saves when it counts most - like the shootout against the Russians on Saturday night.
The Quarter final game against the Americans last week was a classic and Canada was able to bounce back for a big win after being down 3-0 in the first period. Beating the Americans is always so satisfying..
As usual, there is no shortage of character and heart on this team -but it may take more than that to beat the Swedes. They are playing quite well and are out to spoil Canada's party after losing in overtime in last year's championship game.
The Swedish team moves the puck well and defensively, at least, are likely superior to the Canadian squad.
We'll have to wait and see tonight. Anything less than gold is a failure in hockey-mad Canada and the kids are under a lot of pressure this year on home ice.It won't be a cakewalk by any stretch of the imagination,but it rarely is in the medal rounds of the World Junior Championship - which is what makes this tournament so damn enjoyable.

Go Canada !!

5th January 09, 12:31 PM
This tournament is part of my Christmas holiday tradition. I wish had landed tickets to see one game live.

7th January 09, 01:10 PM
That tournament is as much a part of Christmas as the Turkey for me too..
We won again!!
5 yrs in a row, baby!

7th January 09, 07:55 PM
Booya baby!

I have friends in Sweden. The gloating is epic.

7th January 09, 08:18 PM
Booya baby!

I have friends in Sweden. The gloating is epic.

Its about time you chimed in ..where the hell have you been?

8th January 09, 01:51 AM
December sucked.