View Full Version : WTF, can't create a new thread (and how come this works??)

1st January 09, 05:26 PM

I get this from time to time when trying to post a new thread (usually seems to be in CTC)

go ahead, tell me I'm doing it wrong

1st January 09, 06:08 PM
the problem occurs when I try to embed the following image:


(I can't even post the link because it fails as well)

1st January 09, 10:31 PM
You're doing it wrong.

2nd January 09, 06:03 PM
I am currently unable to start a thread in the BS black belt club.

2nd January 09, 06:16 PM
partyboy, did your issue get resolved? I just assumed it did since you started your lovely "slap a hooker" thread...

I am currently unable to start a thread in the BS black belt club.

You aren't the only one having problems with threads in the BB club. It has been brought to our attention over there by a couple mods. Hopefully it'll get worked out soon.

2nd January 09, 07:45 PM

nope... if I try to embed the above link in an image or add http:// to the front of it it fails

(so wrapping just the 'www.blah' in url tags works just fine but if i try http://www.blah then it doesn't work.... wtf?)

*the way I got the pic to post was I uploaded it to image shack

2nd January 09, 08:12 PM
Ah, so you can make threads just some times they don't "work," is that what you are saying? I've checked through your account and can't see anything that would restrict you from posting threads... Could be just glitchy right now (it happens every so often).

3rd January 09, 07:52 PM
I am getting the partyboy error about 50% of the time I try to post in a thread in CTC. Did I contribute to the breaking of the internet?

3rd January 09, 08:20 PM
Does it change depending on what you're posting?

Sun Wukong
4th January 09, 09:21 AM
I am currently unable to start a thread in the BS black belt club.

Dude, i was a supporting member and I don't think I ever even saw "the black belt" club?

WTF is that all about? I did hear mention of it though, and i'm wondering if that's just some analogous snipe hunting term.

Spade: The Real Snake
4th January 09, 12:39 PM
SkyNet sensed your fail and launched a preemptive strike against shitthreads.

8th January 09, 04:26 PM
i was about to start a thread on this and stumbled upon this thread...

lucky me.

are you guys posting on laptops?

because i get the partyboy message ONLY when i'm on a laptop.

not when starting threads, but from regular posting on threads where i've already made posts.

8th January 09, 06:57 PM
it was on my desktop... but only with certain links like I posted above.

any OS differences between your laptop/desktop?

9th January 09, 01:13 PM
I, too, am afflicted by the partyboy message.

I only get it in CTC when trying to start a new thread.

10th January 09, 11:01 PM
Now, I too have been stricken with this terrible affliction, and in my own thread no less. For the last 20 or 30 minutes I've been trying to post a reply in my "I hate responsibility" thread and this whore refuses to cooperate.

10th January 09, 11:06 PM
It's a server issue.

11th January 09, 12:13 AM
It's a server issue.


11th January 09, 12:29 AM
It's a server issue.

So am I never going to be able to reply to that thread, or should I just save my thoughts until tomorrow and try again?

Spade: The Real Snake
11th January 09, 10:05 AM
save them all up and spew them out in a James Joyce stream of consciousness.

14th January 09, 04:37 PM
Yeah I'm having this same problem.

14th January 09, 06:11 PM
I'm having the problem right now trying to reply to NoB's 'girl drink' thread in Nom Nom Nom.