View Full Version : Nigerians + NSX =

Aphid Jones
13th December 08, 01:36 AM

Sequel to the Girlfriend + Car thread.


13th December 08, 06:27 AM
utterly hilarious. I love seeing the scammers get scammed

Dagon Akujin
13th December 08, 08:12 PM
I talked my friend out of a 419 this week. He cashed a $3500 check and was convinced it was real. He was supposed to Western Union $2500 to a travel agent and get a ticket to New York.

The people are stupid though. What started as doing security work for an escort (LOL!) turned into taking a teen to New York to go siteseeing. WTF? But yeah, saved my friend $2500. The scammers went away though and didn't follow up after we asked them to send a new check because the first one didn't work.