View Full Version : Lords of the spin - In the shadow of power

1st December 08, 06:58 PM
Anybody watched this 2-part French/British documentary from 2005 on political marketing? (Produced by Dokumenta/Wilson films and almost untraceable on the Net - at least I failed...)

I catched the second part accidentally on the second channel of the Slovakian national TV, and I couldn't believe this thing got actually aired (how they shot it, I don't know).

People directly responsible for pretty fresh presidential/other political campaigns in different countries (UK, France, Poland, Russia, etc...) spoke surprisingly openly about their tactics.

I've never seen such a thing on TV before...

Would watch any newer versions/updates, from different countries too...

I was unable to google anything except 2 mentions of this work and didn't yet receive a response from either the producers (Wilson films) or the international distributors (French company: marathon, formerly teleimages) - I asked about buying the documentary on DVD.

Anybody has a copy? Anybody seen it?