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18th November 08, 05:11 AM
Sorry but it really does.

It sucks big hairy man balls.


The graphics in this game are nicer than in fable I. The problem is, that all of the gameplay has been scaled down and handicapped. Nice graphics doesn't make up for any of what should be there and is missing.

First of all - the combat system in the game has been totally dumbed down. Theres only one button for attacking, blocking and 'special attacks' and combos (this feature is not too bad), however shooting has been totally scaled down by the fact that you cannot aim at specific parts of a creature like in fable I (no headshots) and so there is no point using the aiming feature. Furthermore you have to actually purchase basic abilities like rolling, aiming etc and thats totally gay. Theres no lock on feature any more in the game (gay). That is a feature which should not have been dropped. Oh yeah you have to purchase the ability to block as well (wtf?).

You can't see the combat multiplier and therefore choose when to use potions etc.

Trolls can only be killed with magic or shooting, you can't kill them with hand to hand.

Magic has been scaled back to be stupid. Any spell worth using must be charged and you're going to take damage while you do that as a greater number of enemies have ranged attacks. I do like that you can switch between an area attack and specific target for almost all spells, but I hate the charging method and the spell selection. Fable one allowed you to switch between spells with greater ease.

The D-pad has been made less functional than the first game since you cannot allocate specific actions to it (WTF? why not? lazy? retarded?)

I hate having the map not on the screen (its not even an option).

They removed magical weapons and armour from the game (so far). this is gay. I can wear clothes (fucking pirate hats?) but not armour, and clothing basically has no effect on the game at all.

I have this dog but can't upgrade him or purchase stuff for him. But he can read books. Gay.

Jobs are too easy and I made enough money to buy the best weapons in the game almost straight away.

There are no in game statistics :( This was a fun part of fable I.

The absolute biggest sin this game makes:


so many god damn loading screens. There is one stage in the city where I needed to run around a corner. A single fucking corner, and it goes through 3 loading zones (2 screens). What the fuck? This is your masterpiece molyneux? This sucks. Any immersion is totally destroyed by the loading screens, I can teleport to any zone in the fucking world via loading screen, I don't know where the fuck I am if I actually choose to run around on the maps (no in game map) therefore must teleport everywhere, and if for some god forsaken reason I choose to RUN to my location, I will suffer as many as ten loading screens, so why wouldn't I teleport (load)?

This IS SHIT. unacceptable. don't advertise your game as 'ten times the size of fable' when all you really mean is ten times the amount of shitty small spaces.

This was supposed to be my reward for studying for exams. This is a total letdown.

Inferior to its prequel, in almost every way.

The only good feature is the storytelling and graphics, everything else is a let down.

fail, fail, god damn fail.


18th November 08, 05:15 AM
oh yeah the introductory scene and tutorial for this game totally blew me away with its storytelling and immersion, but then I got into the game past 5 minutes and realized how shit it was.

18th November 08, 05:37 AM
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bah, won't work here...


We also have a fable 2 thread already...


18th November 08, 05:46 AM
lol awesome

18th November 08, 07:11 AM
I was worried about the combat

I completed the last half of Fable 1 without tking any damage and found it quite annoying since I wasn't trying very hard.
I'll rent it.

18th November 08, 07:40 AM
weep in all its glory (original fable)


remember wearing armour? Magic armour? Magic weapons? Remember multi arrow? Good times, good times.

18th November 08, 08:16 AM
Uhh, I blew people's heads off all the time with that 177 DMG blunderbuss. You need maxed Dexterous Styles and you have to use the left trigger and left stick to target someone's limbs.

There's even an achievement for it.

But the story is too short.

18th November 08, 09:46 AM
Fable 2 is awesome. You suck.

18th November 08, 02:52 PM
For those who want to see Yatzee's Fable 1 review


18th November 08, 03:25 PM
it's usually scary how spot on yatzee is... I enjoyed fable 1 though for the 2 whole days it took to beat it

18th November 08, 08:18 PM
okay phrost so basically you agree with me, heres what they did:

take basic, functional shit from fable, and turn it into advanced 'unlockables'

and remove all the cool rpg gear.

oh + shiny graphics.

18th November 08, 08:23 PM
My 9 year old daughter loves it.

18th November 08, 08:44 PM
kind of irrelevant to the topic

18th November 08, 09:24 PM
Well it doesn't seem to suck, if you're 9 and a girl.

18th November 08, 09:40 PM
b-b-but M rating! not PG, M!

i actually don't get the M rating. M should only be for games with tits.

Truculent Sheep
20th November 08, 10:12 AM
Well it doesn't seem to suck, if you're 9 and a girl.

In this age of Wii and DS, they are fast becoming a major audience for games.

20th November 08, 12:14 PM
well, not 9 year olds (always been a major target), but girls yes. Also older gamers in general are being targeted.

I think officially the statistics show girl gamers are actually a slighty majority of gamers, and that the average age of a gamer is 35. Go figure!

Truculent Sheep
20th November 08, 03:29 PM
well, not 9 year olds (always been a major target)

I meant in a general rather than specific sense. Much in the same way that the average man in Britain was referred to as riding the Clapham Omnibus, which would have had to be the world's biggest bus if that were literally true.

I think officially the statistics show girl gamers are actually a slighty majority of gamers, and that the average age of a gamer is 35. Go figure!

Given that if one were born in '63, you'd be able to have played Space Invaders in the arcade, owned a VCS and maybe fiddled around with the rubber keys of a 48k Spectrum and not looked odd, this isn't a big surprise.