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17th November 08, 05:05 PM
Here's something to take the chill out of Autumn!

Take a glass baking dish and mix about a teaspoon each of crushed rosemary, rubbed sage, ground mustard, fresh ground black pepper, paprika, a couple spoonfuls of chopped fresh (or stuff from a jar) garlic (probably 5 or 6 cloves) with enough olive oil to make a nice paste sorta goo.

Place the pork into the goo and coat all the sides. Lay it fat side up and gather the garlic mush on the top, where it should stick. This will bake into a nice crust. Put in a thermometer and pop it into the oven which you, btw preheated to 350. After about 15 minutes, cover with a tent of foil.

Take the acorn squash and a large sharp knife. Cut it in half. You can do this by spearing the squash and working the knife around until you get all the way around. Scoop out the seeds and sprinkle with…
Pepper, cumin, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, or whatever you feel like using. Mix savory with baking stuff.
Spray the spice lightly with baking spray so it sticks to the squash. Lay thin pats of butter around the edges and in the center of each half. Place on a baking sheet and get it into the oven next to the roast.

Bake for at about an hour or until the thermometer reaches around 160.

You can serve the squash in wedges or scoop it out of the skin and mash it. Slice the pork and enjoy!

17th November 08, 05:30 PM
Kiko, do you have a digital camera?

17th November 08, 05:37 PM
We have 3. But I'm not good with 'em nor am I good with remembering my photobucket password. Lemme find some pics I can maybe hotlink for you. I knew you'd ask...

17th November 08, 05:41 PM
That looks alot like mine.

My squash has more spices all over.. but that's pretty close.


17th November 08, 05:42 PM
You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Kiko again.

However, don't cop out another time and post pictures of your own food next time.

Sounds delicious btw

17th November 08, 05:43 PM
Just spread the garlic goo all over the roast then ;)

17th November 08, 08:26 PM
I'm all outta rep for you....But not outta love (Baby)

my new hit single, BUY IT NOW!!!


Another way you can cook acorn squash is to cut it into pieces, add to a pot and lightly cover with light soy sauce, mashed garlic, ginger. then cover with foil and simmer on low heat until its soft. This is a japanese fall favorite.

18th November 08, 11:08 AM
The recipe in the first post got mixed reviews. Husband, elder daughter and I loved it. Younger daughter decided rosemary is evil and the squash was to savory for her. I've discarded her vote because I offered her a chance to help me cook it. ;P

18th November 08, 03:28 PM
Anyone who isn't a friend of Rosemary isn't a friend of mine.

And why don't people understand that squash isn't always sweet! Damn!

18th November 08, 03:30 PM
Rosemary does make her fingers tingle when she's chopped it for me. It would send my brother into shock, so he better tell me soon whether he's coming to Thanksgiving dinner!

18th November 08, 03:31 PM
If he doesn't can I come in his place?

18th November 08, 03:34 PM
I'm not sure you're a valid substitute. He's quite unique.

18th November 08, 03:39 PM
I'm not sure you're a valid substitute. He's quite unique.
As if a hairy Persian with a beard who plays the guitar eating Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of whities isn't unique!


18th November 08, 03:41 PM
You'd have to bring your own guitar, my husband's are both left handed.

You're also unique in a different way than my brother.

Won't your family miss you?

18th November 08, 04:13 PM
I don't have a family.

Thanks for reminding me though.

18th November 08, 04:44 PM
I'm sorry. I hope your cat comes home.

18th November 08, 06:12 PM
I'm just kidding, I do have a family. I just wanted to make you feel bad :)

18th November 08, 06:13 PM
Then you get none of the Blondies I just baked!!!

18th November 08, 06:32 PM

Dark Helmet
18th November 08, 06:38 PM
Anyone who isn't a friend of Rosemary isn't a friend of mine.

How do you know my girlfriend Rosemary?How?Tell me!

19th November 08, 02:29 PM
Rosmarinus officinalis