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14th November 08, 10:59 PM
Ok, I'm feeling generous today so I'm going to share with you an easy to make, new food that my family has kept to themselves over the years.

It's a twist on the mexican sincronizada

1: do your homework on what the best mole is. I like to use Rogelio Bueno.

Cook it by itself or with chicken so that the chicken grease sticks to the mole.

2: Do your homework on what the best tortillas are and use them.

3: get cheddar cheese or some type of mexican cheese that isn't creamy or swiss-like

4: get onions to put on top, white creamy ranch/farm chese to put on top and some cold deli meats liek ham, turkey, or roast beef.

5: make a sandwich with corn tortillas replacing where bread would go in a sandwich.

6: put it in a frying pan and let the cheese melt

7:Your mole should be cooked already in a separate container. pour it on top of the "sandwich"

8: put the cream cheese and onions on top.

9: ????

10: PROFIT! enjoy eating a brown, spicy chocolate tasting tortilla sandwich. The cheddar cheese always compliments the mole.

14th November 08, 11:03 PM
Wow, you really are contributing, good on ya!

Bonus points for Mexican foodz.

14th November 08, 11:06 PM
funny thing is it's tr00 3lite mexican cuisine.

Most mexicans don't know about it, or think it's gross. Which is not, its one of my favorite foods.

Dark Helmet
14th November 08, 11:43 PM
Do you have a pic.'Cause to me it sounds like an Arepa (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arepa)?

14th November 08, 11:50 PM
Do you have a pic.'Cause to me it sounds like an Arepa (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arepa)?

No, I don't have a pic but the "revolutionary" concept is that you put mole on top.

it looks like it has brown sauce all over it.

Also, the arepa is not a tortilla sandwich(sincronizada) but more like a kind of gordita, tamale, or pupusa.

It says in your article that it should not be confused with a tortilla.




Kein Haar
15th November 08, 02:07 AM
Soy sauce sammiches?

Red kool-aid without sugar?

15th November 08, 03:12 AM
Sounds messy

Robot Jesus
15th November 08, 05:14 AM
having only academic knowledge of mole, isn't it a savory chocolate sauce. then how does chicken grease "stick" to it without merely becoming part of the sauce?

15th November 08, 07:59 AM