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Artful Dentures
10th November 08, 01:27 PM
I had time to kill and no where to kill it yesterday so I went to the movies and saw Role Models.

It was surprisingly better than it had any right to be given the formulaic plot.

I loled (yes I said Loled) right at the beginning and guffawed many times in this movie.

While the path it takes is predictable the little things along the way or funny and somewhat surprising.

The whole acceptance of LARPING was great and done with affection rather than meanness.

I suck at movie reviews just trust me this isn't a piece of crap.

10th November 08, 02:20 PM
It has McLovin in it so it's got to be at least alright. I'll "rent" it.

Dagon Akujin
10th November 08, 02:22 PM
I kept telling my girlfriend and my friend and his girlfriend "I know people like that. I seriously know people who do that." Thought it was alright, although most all of the laughs were due to something dirty and I'd prefer a little wit.

Oh, and boobs. There were some nice ones. Now somebody post a pic of that little black kid in Gene Simmons gear. I once made my middle school students dress like KISS for a play infront of their parents. It reminded me of that. ;)

I'll give it a B-.


26th November 08, 08:47 PM
Great movie with a witty and well written plot. This movie really makes you want to LARP. You can only truly appreciate it if you rent it or buy the DVD

4th April 09, 08:21 AM
I saw this.

It shows why larping is fun and makes fun of our need to dress up and act silly.

4th April 09, 11:47 AM
Best nerd-girl LARP reaction at the end there. It's worth a rent.

17th April 09, 05:03 AM
I enjoyed the movie a lot, it did it's job as a comedy; I laughed a lot. The LARPing moments had me rolling on the ground in particular.

17th April 09, 02:03 PM
Very good movie...I loved it.