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30th October 08, 04:58 PM
I bought this game last Wednesday and finished it yesterday. It took me just over 30 hours. I'm not disappointed that I bought it, but it definitely has its problems.

You take the role of a mercenary in a war-torn African country. There are two competing factions who will offer you jobs, usually killing someone or blowing something up. There are also side jobs such as assassinations (you get these from intercepted cell phone calls), hitting convoys to unlock weaponry, or taking travel papers to locals in exchange for Malaria medication (did I mention the first thing that happens to you is you get malaria?). Along the way you encounter several buddies who can help you with missions or rescue you if you're shot down in combat or blow yourself up with an ill-placed shot from a M-19. If your buddy dies, however, he's done for good. Because of this, I ended up restarting missions from my last save a lot.

The graphics are outstanding. The mountains, deserts, and forests are all beautiful The towns are pretty realistic and definitely give you the sense of being in some real, dilapidated 3rd-world country. The character animations are done fairly well, as are the wild animals that freely roam throughout the countryside. The fire propagation is excellently done, and the changing, realistic weather patterns add even more of a sense of realism. Honestly, it's one of the best looking games I've ever played.

The sound is also very nice. There's a constant drone of wildlife in the background as well as African-sounding music being played through much of the game. Gunfire sounds robust and fairly authentic and helps to heighten the experience. The voice acting is understated and, I think, well-executed.

The actual gunfights are a lot of fun and are pretty intense. Enemy AI is a bit hit-or-miss. At times, enemies will just stand there face to face with you while you pump round after round into them and they never try to flee or fight back. Other times you can be approaching an enemy position - at night - in the treeline- hundreds of yards away - creeping as slowly as possible - and somehow an enemy will detect you and shoot you with a rocket launcher or something equally as annoying. Also, somehow the enewmy is consistently able to hit me, while I'm in a moving vehicle, with mortars. I don't know how the fuck that's possible, but god damn it's aggravating. For the most part, though. Combat is good.

The maps are huge, with several different types of terrain. Herein lies the problem. It's great to be able to wander around and explore this vast area, but more often than not your mission will be on the opposite side of the map from your starting location. You end up driving for probably ten, maybe fifteen minutes to go to a 5 minute battle. It gets pretty tedious. There are bust stops that can transport you instantly to other bust stops, but there are only five stops: one in each corner and one in the middle. Even taking this approach you will still be stuck spending most of your time driving. To make these long drives even worse, there are dozens of faction checkpoints and guys driving around in assault trucks along every road. These guys attack on sight. If you encounter anyone anywhere (outside of the towns, safehouses, or gun shops) they will attack you. This seems a little unrealistic and really started to wear on my nerves. It turned into a routine: drive a minute - get out the car to fight - drive a minute - get out the car to fight - and on and on like that until i finally reached my destination.

The buddy system is cool, but could have been a lot better. You can drive around in these assault trucks that have one seat for a driver and one for a gunner, but your buddies are never able to ride with you. Every time you want to operate a vehicle-mounted weapon, you have to stop the vehicle and switch seats.

I haven't played online yet, so I can't comment on that aspect of the game.

There's more, but I'm tired of typing. Overall, I enjoyed it, and I've already started a second round. It definitely has its problems, but I'd still say it's worth playing.

TL;DR version:

Pros: Looks and sounds great. Pretty good storyline. Lots of depth. Combat is fun. Pretty explosions.

Cons: Too much drive-shoot-drive. Buddy system a bit lacking. Some bugs that should have been worked out (like a guy shooting me through a boulder.WTF?). Everyone on the streets are enemies.

3rd November 08, 10:02 AM
My review of Far Cry 2:

I've been playing this game for a week or so now whenever time permits. I was initially impressed with the graphics, the variety of weapons and the sound is pretty good too. But just a few minutes ago I was playing and I ran and drove across the map to get to a guy who dispenses the medicine that you need to stay alive. When I got there he informed me that he didn't have any, but he knew where to go. I left the room and looked at my map to see where the marker was.

It was over the other side of the map.

Fuck this game.

It wasn't the first time this had happened with a mission. In fact it's the norm to have to drive halfway across the map to get to your destination, do the mission, then drive back all the while getting rammed and shot at by by jeeps which come out of nowhere every twenty seconds and having to pass through endless checkpoints full of baddies that respawn quicker Happeh's posts.

This is tolerable for a couple of games. In fact, it can be quite fun. But then you just hit a moment when you realize that this tedium is what the entire fucking game consists of.

You see, you spend your time driving to various people located on your map in order to get missions. There are two basic types of mission on offer:

1. Drive out to a remote location, shoot a bunch of guys then open a door for a guy.

2. Drive out to a remote location, shoot a bunch of guys then shoot another guy.

And on it goes....

The pre-release hype made out that that you could choose which of the various factions you could work for and implied that the plot would be open-ended. While there is a limited amount of choice of the factions you do missions for, you will end up being led along a fairly linear storyline that involves doing specific missions for both. You have the option to meet up with your "buddy" before each one and do an alternate version of the mission, but this just ends up being more of a bother as you now have to do two missions instead of one, and you don't even get paid for one of them, and you probably end up having to save your buddy's ass from certain death anyway.

On the plus side, sniping dudes that are driving trucks and jeeps in kinda cool. On the negative side, the game is another terminal case of overhype and over-expectations. They could have done something really amazing with this game. But it almost seems it was pushed put the door before it was really mature. I would agree that Far Cry 2 is better than Spore. Spore is a piece of shit whereas Far Cry 2 just sucks.

Rating: 5.5/10

3rd November 08, 10:22 AM
sounds almost as gay as iron man


ie polished game with high production values that lacks obvious features or unforgivable elements (such as an ill thought out plot line).

I haven't played any of the far cry or crisis series.

Every time one gets released its like 'WHOA NEW WATER EFFECTS' which means I have to upgrade my computer (which I refuse to do).

I haven't seen many games that have added new features.

3rd November 08, 10:42 AM
Another thing that sucks about this game is how the game world is populated entirely by people who will go out of their way to kill you. Drive past them in a jeep? They'll shoot at you and jump in a jeep to chase after you. The really lame thing is that when you do a mission for a faction they always add "Yeah, and this is top secret. Even our guys don't know about it so don't count on them being friendly."

This is just a cop-out for programming every character in the game to go out of their way to kill you just because they happened to see you. Not even Johannesburg is that bad.

3rd November 08, 02:06 PM
Looks like we're in agreement for the most part, except I wouldn't say it sucks. The driving around is a pretty major flaw, but I don't think it completely breaks the game.

Have you spent anytime playing it online?

4th November 08, 07:50 AM
Nah haven't played it online. I've found one review out there I can agree with:

All the major reviewers have given it around 85%. Gamespy gave it 70% and PCPowerplay gave it 100% (WTF??!!11) I can't wait until Zero Punctuation gets his teeth into it. He'll have a field day reviewing that. In my opinion stuff like Call of Duty 4 deserves the 90% range, Crysis is pretty good and follows not far behind. It's a real bummer how reviewers are rating stuff like FC2 and Spore so highly when they are basically t3h suck and I was really looking forward to the releases. Like, they acknowledge the flaws then pass them off as minor detractions from an otherwise awesome game. I'm concerned that Red Alert 3 might be the same thing because the reviews I've seen say it suffers from being a little simplistic. maybe that means it looks nice, has it's moments, but is more-or-less shallow gameplay that would fail to impress someone in 1995.

Hey Arhetton: I just read your IM review and it does remind me of FC2.

And how suck is it that we have to pay $100 for a game? And there's limited legit digital download options for us too. I'd rather pay 50-60 bucks to download a few gigs at reliable and high speeds than use torrents which can very wildly in download speeds. Digital download should be the norm for game distribution.

15th November 08, 09:10 PM
Playing this right now. Actually having a lot of fun with it. I think this is one of the first games in a long while that ubisoft didn't screw up. only complaint i have so far is that some of the enemies seem just a little too resilient. like, a rifle shot to the hip would probably prevent someone from running, no matter how tough they are, but not in this game. and i emptied a pistol magazine into one guys dick and he was somehow able to keep walking backwards and return fire. no, i don't think that's very likely.

15th November 08, 09:38 PM
dude, everyone knows you never shoot a guy in the dick

26th December 08, 09:59 PM
i'm still playing this game. i rented dead space over a month ago and barely played it, this game is so much fun. i've been getting around all the drive-shoot-drive-shoot-drive some more by taking the bus. it gives me a chance to save in case i forgot to with all the driving and shooting and everything, and there's always a vehicle at every bus depot i can use to shuttle to my destination. i think the dialogue changes depending on which character you play the game with too, i picked the chinese arms smuggler and one of the APR guys always calls me 'china' in his dutch accent. good stuff.

27th December 08, 12:11 AM
FC2 came with my Geforce Gtx 260. I just haven't installed it yet. It just doesn't appeal to me. I'm just biding my time until DIII & SCII come out. I'm not sure which games I'd like to pick up in the interim. I prefer online gaming to singular experiences.

28th December 08, 10:00 AM
i played farcry 1 on my old laptop, it ran pretty good but it doesn't look as good as this. plus FC1 was kind of on-the-rails, where this is pretty sandbox-y. im playing FC2 on the console because its cheaper than basically buying an ultra-powerful video card in order to display the game properly.

i'm hardly ever on-line, even though i bought the full-year membership to XBL.

some of the weapons are kinda meh, nothing really special. i think black by ea did the same weapons better; AK47, silenced MP5, and UZI. dragunov is fun though, not too partial to the bigger AS50. nice glass on the ar15. the desert eagle is the only pistol worth carrying in this game, all the others are underpowered which is ridiculous. the flamethrower effect is very very cool, but the weapon is ultimately useless, guys will still shoot you when they're burning. it's better to just shoot them first. throw a molotov after if you want them crispy-fried.

29th December 08, 02:40 PM
Just bought the game (because left4dead wasn't avaliable at Zellers with my GC).

I pretty much agree with everything thats been said. Fucking awesome graphics. But the drive shoot drive shoot cycle sucks ass. Checkpoints should stay wasted for a little while after you move on past it.

29th December 08, 03:10 PM
My thoughts on the game (http://www.sociocide.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1365996&postcount=42)

30th December 08, 03:11 AM
i really like it when weapons jam. i mean, sure it's irritating and you have to react quickly so the guy you're trying to ventilate doesn't get you first, but the attention to detail and the added realism is appreciated.

30th December 08, 07:06 AM
How often do they jam?

30th December 08, 08:31 AM
if they're new and clean, not very often. if they're abused and dirty (weapon gets visibly dirty) they jam. your newly purchased weapons will stay in good shape for a while, but will eventually start to get dirty and jam. weapons picked off killed enemies will pretty much always be dirty. the single shot weapons also seem to jam less frequently, where semi-auto and automatic weapons arre more prone to jamming. quick button press clears the jammed round, and it takes a couple of seconds while the dude works the action. it's great.

30th December 08, 09:10 AM
one thing they took out from the first one: no more super mutants with fucking rocket launchers for hands. that ruined the first one for me.

30th December 08, 01:58 PM
They had that in the first one???

It's really interesting when the RPG misfires. It looks a lot like this:


Have you noticed different weapons jam more or less? I picked up an AK-47 of a soldier and it hasn't jammed once. That would be a cool detail they put in, keeping it true to life.

30th December 08, 06:05 PM
actually, yeah. even dirty AK's are not bad. they still jam though.

30th December 08, 08:37 PM
Honestly you should be able to put a few thousand rounds through a newer AR or M4 without it jamming unless you drop it in mud. As for the AK-47, I've yet to see one jam.

Plus it's a game about a genetically engineered guy.....why bother adding some jamming nonsense into the game unless they make a gun cleaning segment or actually putting in different methods of clearing different jams. I mean you could have a failure to eject or get a double feed, hell you could even get a squib.

30th December 08, 09:14 PM
i find they get dirty faster if you spend time in the water, which i often end up doing somehow. african rivers can't be very clean, and i bet that fine silt gets into everything.

they are usually fail to ejects, you can see the shell in the eject port. clearing a round from an assault rifle is obviously much different than a pump shotgun, and of course not all rifles are made equal, and it is shown in-game; it's an fps, so you can see dude's hands working the action, tugging on the bolt, or racking the slide, etc. it's kinda funny, dude often tries to bash the improperly spent round out of the shotgun by hitting it with a hammerfist.

elipson - the mutants with rockets were at the end of FC1. there's this big crater you have to get across, and it's full of them. i never actually got past that part, but MaverickZ told me that was the end of the game anyway so i never bothered to actually try and finish it. i would get killed pretty much as soon as i opened the door to the area.

So far, i don't see any of that genetic engineering stuff in the second one. That might explain the characters wolverine-like mutant healing ability though. one time dude was fixing his broken down truck on the side of the road and some jerkoff shot it with a rocket launcher. it exploded in his face and he got pretty injured, when i hit the button to heal dude relocated his wrist and small finger jacked himself up with some weird syringe thing for an instant heal, and then proceeded to clear a jammed shotgun with the previously mangled hand. not to mention all the times ive had to dig bullets out of thigh and/or shin, and continue to run, or yank a bullet out of the palm of the hand (!) with a leatherman multi-tool, and then grab and fire an M-249 with that hand.

30th December 08, 09:38 PM
they are usually fail to ejects, you can see the shell in the eject port. clearing a round from an assault rifle is obviously much different than a pump shotgun, and of course not all rifles are made equal, and it is shown in-game; it's an fps, so you can see dude's hands working the action, tugging on the bolt, or racking the slide, etc. it's kinda funny, dude often tries to bash the improperly spent round out of the shotgun by hitting it with a hammerfist.

A shotgun shouldn't jam. The mechanical parts in it are so limited that you really have to screw something up in it to jam. You can load shells directly into the ejection port and close the action to fire.

Also, they're showing a singular jam (failure to eject) I'm guessing? How long does it take for the guy to clear it? It should take you less than a second with a rifle. Bolt/slide assist shoot.

My whole thing is that it's a first person shooter, not first person simulator. Unless they want to make it super realistic including all the possible jams, and a multitude of other non-sense including cleaning the weapon, field stripping it, etc., why bother? It sounds like a lot of micromanagement for limited reward. I'd rather have less realism and more mutants with rockets launchers for hands.

30th December 08, 09:50 PM
er, the auto-shotty jams. it's like a benelli. i forget what it's called in the game. i think the pump might have misfires like in road warrior, i'm not really sure. i hardly ever use the shotguns.

i would play a field-strip-and-clean minigame. you can just take a new weapon off the wall though, you have a magic gun storage room in the game. brand new weapons respawn instantly once you've bought them off the gun dealer with blood diamonds. kinda gay, but whatever.

i just got the AA-12 though, hee hee. will report back.

if i want to shoot mutants with rocket launchers, i'll go play more fallout3. i'm personally glad they took that stuff out of FC2.

30th December 08, 10:09 PM
I've found that new weapons almost never jam. Weapons you pick up off the ground jam all the time, which i think is cool. Gives you an incentive to actually buy and use your own guns, because guns you just find are usually shitty.

22nd January 09, 02:21 PM
i was searching for diamonds and found a golden kalishnikov in a shack. no butt stock, its gold but with wooden parts, and it never jams. never gets dirty, super accurate. you can snipe people with it if you can see them through the iron sights. not any more powerful than a regular AK though.

22nd January 09, 03:41 PM
I found that same AK. I used it for a while until suddenly it exploded. Never jammed once though.

23rd January 09, 03:28 AM
oh goody. will be looking forward to that. i had the M249 crumble like it was made of sandstone the other day, that was amusing. probably put at least 10,000 rounds through it first though lol

23rd January 09, 04:44 PM
This nicely sums up my feelings of far cry 2, and why i got bored of it after a few days and switched to left for dead.


24th January 09, 06:02 AM
That Escapist review wasn't too far off the money, though I wouldn't personally be quite as harsh.

If there wasn't so much fucking driving around the game would be awesome. The story line wasn't bad, and I thought the ending was cool. Maybe I'm just easily impressed though.

24th January 09, 06:07 PM
3 thumbs up and he said it looks nice. i think that's one of the best reviews ever.

3rd October 09, 04:26 AM
i finally got a computer capable of running this game. my 360 broke a long time ago and i missed playing this the most.

6th October 09, 09:04 PM
You enjoy having to blast through the same check point a thousand times just to get anywhere?

6th October 09, 10:57 PM
Everyone on the streets are enemies.

No, that actually sounds pretty realistic. You're in Africa, right? The shitty part with all the warlords? Think New York but without the tall buildings and cops giving you a false sense of security.

7th October 09, 12:19 AM
Travel in Africe much PL?

7th October 09, 12:23 AM
No, but I totally have this friend who read about this guy (friend is anthropologist, some guy was writing about his shitty anthropolgist life) who went to Africa and got mugged the first day at gunpoint and a whole bunch of other shit and then he read a science journal where someone had already published exactly what he was doing research on, so his brain broke on the spot. That's enough to tell me that Africa sucks. Almost as bad as NY or LA. At least there's no smog there.

7th October 09, 04:58 AM
i usually just blow through the checkpoints trying to run over as many of the guards as i can. they give chase at first but if you just maintain your speed and keep going they give up after a while

7th October 09, 08:41 AM
No, but I totally have this friend who read about this guy (friend is anthropologist, some guy was writing about his shitty anthropolgist life) who went to Africa and got mugged the first day at gunpoint and a whole bunch of other shit and then he read a science journal where someone had already published exactly what he was doing research on, so his brain broke on the spot. That's enough to tell me that Africa sucks. Almost as bad as NY or LA. At least there's no smog there. I know people who live/lived in Johannesburg who keep a gun in their car and are ready to shoot the minute they pull up at a red light after dark. They call it 'robot hour' and it's when it's quite likely you get shot in the face by the guy hiding behind the bushes.