View Full Version : how to catch a carthief

29th October 08, 09:46 PM
You've probably heard of this before (bait cars) but its cool to see it in the video.


I like the way that the people monitoring the car use a gps system then alert a dispatch to go get the vehicle.

29th October 08, 09:48 PM
We love this shit up here in Canada. It makes for great evening news watching the idiots try to get out.

Doritosaurus Chex
29th October 08, 10:44 PM
I think I'll wait until Magna Volt is invented.


30th October 08, 12:14 AM
How do they make it so appealing to steal? Or do they just find a shitty neighborhood and leave the doors unlocked?

30th October 08, 12:28 AM
nice car, gps etc. couldn't be too hard.

30th October 08, 05:10 AM
I heard the #1 car stolen was the toyota camry followed by honda civic before I left. They're not looking for porsches, just something they can sell for parts or ordinary to go for a joy ride in.

great noninvasive program

30th October 08, 05:24 AM
dammit i drive a toyota camry now you've got me paranoid!

That is until I buy my MAGNA VOLT! [email protected]

30th October 08, 06:36 AM
up here the big target for car thieves is minivans. the steal those, then go B&E some place and load it up with shit. i've seen it lots of times.

30th October 08, 09:33 AM
I love how Robocop says "Trouble".

30th October 08, 11:06 AM
i love how its basically a giant mousetrap :D

Doritosaurus Chex
30th October 08, 03:10 PM
A giant electric mousetrap.