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29th October 08, 11:20 AM
I made this for my wife yesterday who was a little under the weather.

I had four 1-inch thick chops cut off of a pork loin.
Seared them in a pan with EVOO and some organic all-purpose spice.

Then put them in a crock pot with two cans of cream of chicken soup.
Cut up some taters and put them in. Carrots and celery too.

Did this at 10:00 am. Got home at 6:00pm.

The pork chops were so tender and fallee apartee. Good stuff.

Any ideas on how to improve this with any other veggies, methods etc?

How do cook pork chops in crock pot?

Robot Jesus
29th October 08, 11:59 AM
add 2 tb of pepper, 1/2 cup each of brown sugar and salt(better be jewish) and marinate over night in soup (make it vegetable.)

sear as you have done,

add one chopped onion, and one chopped apple to slow cooker, also soup(chicken this time) and some thyme.

also moar pepper.

29th October 08, 02:22 PM
I make brisket in ye olde crock pot a lot. Clery, garlic, fresh herbs, finger potatoes. Pour a dark beer in their for extra flavory suace.

29th October 08, 07:32 PM
Crock pots are awesome. You can just throw shit in and it will taste awesome.

31st October 08, 08:43 AM
Sage goes well with pork. Rosemary, too.

Nuke some rice so you have something to soak up that lovely gravy/sauce.

1st November 08, 04:53 AM
I like to cook pork loin with the traditional prunes and armagnac recipe. Sometimes I add a bit of asian flavour with some shredded red pepper, ginger and soy.

1st November 08, 02:47 PM
I like to rub the loins with a mix of peppers and spices.

Oh sorry. Forgot this was a cooking thread.

I like to marinate pork loins in a mustard/vinegar/honey mix and grill it in the manner of my forefathers (Carolina style BBQ is mustard and vinegar based)

1st November 08, 02:55 PM
Never ever put peppers near your loins. I've seen what happens.. It's not pretty!

1st November 08, 03:22 PM

got pics?

1st November 08, 03:27 PM
No, just a story. History, actually.

A man was roasting red peppers on the grill. He chopped them for whatever the recipe was and made sure to scrape the seeds away. He must not have washed his hands carefully, because soon afterward, he was heard making sounds of agony from the bathroom. An icy bath helped, but only a bit. Only time would bring relief from the hellish pain in his nether-region.

Today's lesson. WASH YOUR HANDS after handling peppers!

1st November 08, 03:45 PM
He should have used milk.

3rd November 08, 12:50 PM
Damnit. I came to this thread all excited thinking 'Pork chops In The Crock Pot' was a euphemism for sex with crazy chicks.

I would have name the thread: Sticking My Porksword into some crazee beeches.

Zendetta, I know being from the Carolinas, you'd hate the sound of this, but how 'bout some molasses in the bbq sauce?

Pork is good stuff.

3rd November 08, 01:55 PM
Zendetta, I know being from the Carolinas, you'd hate the sound of this, but how 'bout some molasses in the bbq sauce?

Wut da hayall?!??!

Just kidding. I have yet to meet a method of BBQin' that I didn't love: southern, western, korean, etc etc etc.

Just make sure the clam chowder is cream (new england), NOT tomato (new york), based.

Pork is good stuff.

Yessir, I reckon so.

3rd November 08, 01:58 PM

4th November 08, 09:53 PM
newb crock potter question:

what temp do you put it at for overnight cooking of said loins? I've got low/high on mine

5th November 08, 11:22 AM

Think low and slow.

5th November 08, 11:50 AM

Think low and slow.

It takes Time to make a Thing go Right.

10 hours and it will be falling apart. Remember that the crockpot doesn't brown things, though. Sear it in a frying pan first like Kiko said.

I made some really fucking good SE asian-style chicken soup in mine on sunday. Afterwards I cooked down the chicken carcass and made two quarts of rich stock.

5th November 08, 11:54 AM
I used antelope chops mixed in with a bunch of soup/veggies and a lot of pepper and cooked it over night... pretty damn good stuff

5th November 08, 11:54 AM
How the fuck do you get antelope chops in Atlanta?

5th November 08, 11:59 AM
same way I got the sausage for these:

5th November 08, 12:00 PM
Awesome. You need to weigh in on Cullion's Wild Game thread, if you havn't already.

5th November 08, 12:15 PM
We got a specialty food store here in Cincy called Jungle Jim's.

It literally has every kind of food from all over the world, exept for
frozen Siberian mastadon steaks or course.