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21st October 08, 06:40 PM
Those crazy Iranians and their supposed big sandwich... Now I know the real reason that Bush wants to bomb them: Iran's global threat to the world's ostrich population!!

Iran makes world's biggest ostrich sandwich - but evidence is eaten
Iran failed to register what it said would be the world's largest sandwich in the Guinness Book of World Records on Friday after people rushed forward and began eating it - before it was measured.

It had taken 1,500 cooks two days to stuff more than 2,000lbs of meat into the 5,000-foot-long sandwich.

Event organisers had planned to display the world's largest ostrich sandwich in a park in the capital Tehran.

But as the sandwich was being measured, chaos ensued. The giant snack was gone in minutes, a Reuters witness said, leaving the three Guinness representatives present with a dilemma.

One of the event's organisers said video footage of the sandwich would be sent to Guinness officials.

"We still think the sandwich will be recorded in the Guinness book because of all the evidence and footage that we will send them," Parvin Shariati said.


Link. (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/iran/3219823/Iran-makes-worlds-biggest-ostrich-sandwich---but-evidence-is-eaten.html)

Oh yes, there is video...



21st October 08, 06:50 PM
I am very intrigued by the idea of ostrich sandwich.

Of course the truth is that it was part of their super foccacia centrifuge enrichment project. They have now produced several kilograms of weapons grade hummus.

21st October 08, 07:03 PM
They're just using it to hide their Uranium refinement program.

21st October 08, 09:24 PM
Jesus christ, the comments for that vid make me want to put a hole in my head.

22nd October 08, 03:08 PM

22nd October 08, 06:04 PM
Vee Pearzheans are hungairy peepel, baba!

22nd October 08, 06:27 PM
I think that the funniest part of this is that they couldn't handle waiting for it to be measured. They rushed the sandwich and devoured it.

Robot Jesus
23rd October 08, 07:28 PM
they do have a pretty bad track record on anything involving international institutions and inspectors.

Sun Wukong
23rd October 08, 07:36 PM
To be read in a gravelly voice with as much gravitas as possible:

Jesus Christ! They have our giant sandwhich technology. God protect us. If they ever get ahold of our giant pizza technology we're all screwed.

Major Stryker, rally the troops. We're going in to kill every last one of those evil bastards.

23rd October 08, 08:19 PM

Oddly enough, Youtube now has an "Audio Preview" feature for when you write a comment.

24th October 08, 02:43 AM
Oddly enough, Youtube now has an "Audio Preview" feature for when you write a comment.

This can't possibly be true. And this happened right after you made that comment?