View Full Version : Hey!Any opinions on these 2 Whiskeys?

Dark Helmet
21st September 08, 10:06 PM
What opinions do you MEN - because only real men and even a few women *drink whiskey- have for Whiskey's Gentleman Jack- Jack Daniel's whiskey (http://www.gentlemanjack.com/Default.asp) and Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Tennessee whiskey. (http://www.jdsinglebarrel.com/unique.htm)

Are they good ?strong?smooth?useful for removing paint ?Besides how sexy the bottles look I don't want to waste even 30 bucks buying something I may not like.Have I mentioned how enamored I am with these bottles.They're beautiful.

Another thing that I've been wondering what happens to a Whiskey in a barrel?Or for that matter is there something in the oak barrel that can't be compared to say a large vat?

21st September 08, 11:25 PM
Barrel aging, fired in the case of Jack, allows the barrel to breathe the spirit, bestowing color and flavor.

It's $30 bucks. It's less than you would spend in a night drinking, and 10x the alcohol you'd get for the money. If it tastes bad, mix it with some generic lemonade and have lynchburgs. I would guess if you like Jack, you'll like special Jack too. Personally, I perfer their Makers Mark when I'm slumming.

22nd September 08, 12:40 AM
Whiskey is for drunks.