View Full Version : Eggs: With or without embryo?

14th September 08, 01:03 AM



So, how about you guys?

14th September 08, 01:42 AM
BTW, the pictures are crap because I just had my phone with me (was eating breakfast at an ex gf's house). I still regret that I didn't have my Canon with me.

14th September 08, 01:46 AM
She wasn't an ex at the time.

14th September 08, 02:13 AM
The lady I rented a room from this summer said that she is good at holding her liquor and she played drinking games when she was younger a lot. One time she was playing with some Asian dudes (she's Asian too) and the game was down a shot and eat a hard-boiled egg. On her last egg she didn't just stick it all in her mouth, but bite half. She saw a half-developed chicken inside. Apparently all the eggs were like that. I forgot the exact name for it, but apparently it's pretty popular in some places. She still finished the egg and won. =D

14th September 08, 02:43 AM
it's called balut. they let the chick develop a bit. it's pretty horrible. you basically have to be drunk to eat it. really drunk.

i drank a lot in the Philippines.

i also make fucking awesome omlettes. naturally they contain several embryos, but once you've beaten the egg mix to a frothy goo they aren't anywhere near as recognizable as they are in the above picture.

14th September 08, 07:20 AM

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go cook some UNFERTILIZED eggs with turkey sausages and some nicely buttered whole wheat Arthur Avenue Bread... or maybe rye.

14th September 08, 10:57 AM
Are you talking 'bout egg yolk?

Because "sunny side up"is awesome, if a bit risky nowadays.

damn you salmonella.

Mr. Mantis
15th September 08, 12:31 PM
Eggs over-lite are my breakfast of choice on Saturdays.

21st September 08, 06:58 PM
eew! that's embryo??? i was more comfortable eating my eggs when i thought the white stuff was just chicken sperm.

22nd September 08, 01:34 AM
That actually looks kinda cool