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13th September 08, 03:39 PM
In my ongoing quest to get myself in better shape, I've been trying to stick to a paleo diet. It's actually a pretty enjoyable way to eat, the hard part is it can be little expensive (filling up entirely on fresh lean meat or fish and fresh fruit and veg is not cheap) and it's hard to get a quick microwave meal that adheres to 'paleo' principles when you're in a rush.

Wild game is highly recommended in every take on the paleo diet I've read (kind of obvious why looking at the historical rational). The scientific papers supporting the paleo diet note the proportion of fat to protein and the specifically healthy types of fats found in 'Game' meats.

This thread is about recipes for wild meat. Venison. Pheasant. Grouse.
Any other weird shit you have in North America that I haven't tried. Don't worry about keeping it 'paleo', I'll just leave out the 'taters, pastry and dairy if I like something enough to try to make it myself.

This is my contribution.

Pan-fried venison with blackberry sauce.

Ingredients (to serve 2)

2 thick venison steaks
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
3oz fresh or frozen blackberries
5 fl oz. beef or game stock
2 tbsp redcurrant jelly
1 tbsp olive oil
1 shallot

Fry the venison and diced shallot 5 mins each side, set aside.

Put the jelly, stock and vinegar in the pan and blend over a high heat. Add the blackberries and cook until soft but still with some visible shape.

Pour it on the meat.


Most versions of the paleo diet let you have moderate amounts of red wine even on non-cheat days.

14th September 08, 03:30 PM
Cherokee Stew

Into a Cast-Iron Dutch Oven:
- many whole garlic cloves and chopped onions
- plenty of herbs: thyme and whatnot
- olive oil, maybe a little butter
- several pounds of ground venison (w/o added fat - pork fat is often added to lean venison; best without)
- potatoes and sweet potatoes
- salt and pepper to taste

Put lid on pot and cook, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking. Some liquid should cook out of the meat and veggies and make sauce; expand it a little bit with water, wine, or beer (best).

When done, eat it directly out of the dutch oven. Best if done outdoors over open flame.

14th September 08, 03:38 PM
My Father's Grilled Dove Breasts:

- many small dove breasts (bird of peace! ha! see where that got you?)
- red wine
- worcerstershire sauce
- black pepper
- bacon, mutherfucker!

Fillet Dove Breasts to yield two small, bite-sized morsels of dark meat with a tiny sliver of white meat tenderloin - tedious but worth it.

Marinate filleted dove breast halves in the red wine, w. sauce, and pepper overnight. Wrap each morsel with a strip of bacon and skewer with a toothpick (which you soaked in water overnight so it wouldn't burn).

Grill, but don't overdo it - *Dove dries out very easily.

(Due to portion size, probably best as an appetizer, unless Everyone Shot the Limit - as ALWAYS happens in my family)

*Dove, like ALL Wild Game, dries out very easily.

14th September 08, 03:43 PM
Wild Duck L'Orange

One Duck
Stuff for l'Orange Sauce (its French; look it up)
Stuff for Bread Making, in this case: Baguettes (again, look it up)

Get up Real Fucking Early, Freeze Your Ass Off in Swamp. Shoot Duck, remove feathers, etc. Warm up with medicinal application of bourbon. Hose down filthy, euphoric Labrador Retriever with hose.

Cook Duck at High Temp for Short Time, Garnish with L'Orange Sauce and serve with fresh homemade Baguettes. Pretty Classy fer a Country Boy, eh?

Kein Haar
15th September 08, 06:40 AM
Venison from bucks in the rut is nauseating. It's a cruel-ass-joke that that's when hunting season is.

Prolly not an issue in the UK, but wild Canada goose is fucking awful too. I would guess other species of goose would be bad as well. Really tough, and really epitomizes the "gamey" taste.


I say this because I assume when you say 'wild', this doesn't refer to farm raised "wild" animals.

15th September 08, 09:39 AM
Thread needs pics.

Pheasant is awesome and so is wild boar.

15th September 08, 09:45 AM
Been a while since I made it, so I won't try to replicate the exact recipe, but wrap a pheasant in bacon and roast it, basting with port wine and its own juices is an epic win.

A great appetizer to this is devils on horseback- halve dried mission figs, wrap them in bacon with a single sage leaf and then roast at 425 until the bacon is done.

15th September 08, 10:49 AM
Thread needs pics.

Pheasant is awesome and so is wild boar.

One of our local indian places does tandoori boar in season. A#1 chow.

Mr. Mantis
15th September 08, 12:28 PM
Smoke that shit!

4th October 08, 10:52 AM
Prolly not an issue in the UK, but wild Canada goose is fucking awful too.

The Canada Goose was introduced to England by Charles II. I've never tried to eat one though, only farmed geese. I'll remember your advice, although I do like 'gamey' flavours and you can usually deal with tough meat by cooking slowly in an alcohol based sauce to soften it up.

Mr. Mantis
4th October 08, 11:43 AM
No, seriously. Smoke it.