View Full Version : Favourite Iron Chef episode?

2nd September 08, 12:36 PM
Don't really have one, but ever notice how the same judges in earlier episodes are so much skinnier?

I am somewhat amused by the glasses-wearing fat old white lawyer food critic and his comments to other judges.

2nd September 08, 12:43 PM
I love them all, but I am more of a fan of the original japanese version. So if I have to pick a single episode, it would be the one where Hattori san (the food commentator=alton brown in the US version) challenged one of the iron chefs.

2nd September 08, 02:23 PM
That was a good one. My personal favorite has got to be the Girls' Festival one where I think it was Morimoto made a selection of dishes made with clam and tuna. I'd say it was unintentional epic lulz, but I wonder how unintentional it was.

As for epic noms tho, gotta go with the pork episode. Don't EVER watch it hungry.

2nd September 08, 04:11 PM
Iron Chef America (TNG): Battle Pork. I agree with mojo.

Iron Chef: Battle Kobe Beef.

One of them also did eggs....little eggs, big ol' frikkin' ostrich eggs.

Kein Haar
3rd September 08, 12:44 AM
Can't stand Iron Chef America. The host is such a tool.

The Iron Chef host...now that guy was a true deviant.

3rd September 08, 11:29 AM
I remember the very first Iron Chef America. Shatner was the chairman.

3rd September 08, 12:45 PM
I remember the very first Iron Chef America. Shatner was the chairman.

Unfortunately, that was the only good thing about it.

Robot Jesus
3rd September 08, 10:56 PM
i saw a beef battle, where some guys in cowboy hats were constantly taking shots and ended up serving a femur, split lengthwise, and broiled.