View Full Version : A monday afternoon jaunt in my favorite roads.

2nd September 08, 04:01 AM
Here's a video of my drive this afternoon in my car. I'm very very very familiar with this road. It's one of my favorites around here. The ninjas in the top-left corner can be used as a sort of G-meter. Enjoy. At the end of the video, I go over a crest a little too fast and my camera came off the mount it was in. It was pretty funny. I giggled but the camera didn't get it.


2nd September 08, 04:34 AM
Ah, here's the second video! Yay!


2nd September 08, 04:37 AM
Cockpit cameras look cool but I didn't even know people used them when they didn't have to. Why don't you stick to the third person camera like a normal gamer?

2nd September 08, 11:22 AM
When I play video games if I can't use cockpit viewing, I cannot drive worth a shit.

3rd September 08, 02:06 AM
i love your little ninjas!

nice driving. do you have the windows open? seems like there's a lot of cabin noise.

3rd September 08, 02:21 AM
why is your dashboard an injet printer?

3rd September 08, 05:00 AM
Since you're from Australia and probably poor, you don't know about Passenger side Airbags.

And yes, my windows are open that's why there's so much cabin noise.

3rd September 08, 05:37 AM
actually, I drive a toyota, safe and reliable - oh, whats that I hear? The efficient japanese automobile industry raping america? Oh I must have left my window open. Let me close it. Thats better.

3rd September 08, 06:27 AM
ahhh, yes. this is how darwin rids the world of egoists and bicyclists

3rd September 08, 02:47 PM
ahhh, yes. this is how darwin rids the world of egoists and bicyclists