View Full Version : All out gluttony contest

Beneath Contempt
29th August 08, 12:11 PM
Venue: A big hall with one of those huge tables covered in all kinds of banquet food

Beneath Contempt
29th August 08, 12:16 PM
I know the obvious choice is Shaggy/Scooby, but pound-for-pound, I think Jerry is the best eater there is - I've seen him eat like a whole turkey in one go, and don't underestimate Tom.

29th August 08, 03:01 PM
wait, how stoned are scooby and shaggy?

Sun Wukong
29th August 08, 07:10 PM
they are always stoned. i mean, it couldn't be more obvious. when have either one ever acted the least bit sober?

29th August 08, 08:14 PM
no i mean are they a little stoned or are they totally baked because when those munchies kick in this contest is over.

29th August 08, 08:22 PM
yeah, but if they drug test the results could be over turned?

30th August 08, 03:26 AM
In a total gluttony contest it would really be just one against two, no contest win for the SS team: Tom's been trying to eat Jerry for years.

Beneath Contempt
30th August 08, 05:15 PM
Ok, to clarify the rules then:

1. Tom & Jerry are in co-operation mode, like when they shake hands and fight the ginger cat.

2. Scooby and Shaggy are medium-stoned. Assume they have just bowled out of the back of the Mystery Machine having shared 3 generous joints in the last hour and a half. "Like, hey Scoob - let's go find us some munchies!", "Ro-kay Zhaggy"

3. Jerry can defy physics and eat items much larger than himself in a single bite.

4. Shaggy is allowed to do the thing when he stacks up several sandwiches and bites 95% of them off in one go.

5. Scooby can be hit in the face with an ice cream sundae and lick it off with one 360 degree sweep of his tongue

6. Tom is essentially immortal, and can be shot, stabbed, strangled, clubbed, blown up with IEDs, electrocuted and incinerated with no long-term ill effects.

30th August 08, 05:30 PM
what type of pot did they smoke? that's just as important as the quantity.

30th August 08, 08:57 PM
with those rules i think tom and jerry have a serious chance.

30th August 08, 09:01 PM
It's still one on two: Tom is immortal but can only eat like a cat.

In other words, you didn't give a time limit for said challenge, sure if it was ongoing forever, the immortal would win. And then it would again be just one against two.

30th August 08, 09:03 PM
you mean pig out and puke it up in a shoe later?

30th August 08, 09:05 PM
Exactly, but see my edit.

30th August 08, 09:08 PM
the thing i like about cat puke is it's usually almost whole so you know the cat will eat it later if you just leave it there. dog vomit is something so godawful that not even a dogs stomach can digest it, and they will eat shit. literally, shit. yeah.

tom and jerry FTW.