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25th August 08, 01:43 PM
Oh my God this movie is amazing. I can't even write down... the words... you know?

It managed to avoid everything big-budget comedies always do and fail miserably. It had a cast of well-known actors, but nobody really dominated the screen. That's the biggest pitfall, especially since the director is playing a lead role. Stiller managed to control his acting boner and actually spent little time on screen. Downey probably had the most on-screen time, but he did a fantastic job. Not just with the "Hey look at me I'm pretending to be black lol" schtick, which was done well anyway, but his character as a whole was awesome. I think his best line was when he grabbed a map from Stiller and said "Fuck you." It was just delivered and timed awesomely. That's the substance of comedy, not fucking pop-culture references and horrible horrible parodies of it.

Secondly, it didn't have any stupid gags like you see these days, i.e. the afore-mentioned XXXX Movie as of late. But, they actually made a funny fart joke.

Tom Cruise, although a giant douche, is great in this movie because he plays a giant douche. Seriously, I don't think you'll be able to say "Tom Cruise sucked in Tropic Thunder" with a clean conscience.

Yeah, I don't know what else to say. Just go see it. In theaters is the best. The beginning is awesome ala ATHFCMFfT

25th August 08, 01:49 PM
Yes. I agree.

25th August 08, 01:56 PM
You got the line wrong. You fail.

25th August 08, 02:00 PM
It wasn't as funny as I thought, but was probably the best satire I've seen in the past 4 years.

25th August 08, 02:01 PM


Your edit may work on simple mortals, but the Mods can see your previous post and it clearly had it in the wrong order.

25th August 08, 02:03 PM
It wasn't as funny as I thought, but was probably the best satire I've seen in the past 4 years.

You probably just suck.

Yeah, that's probably it.

25th August 08, 03:29 PM
The movie would have been funny without Cruise.
With Cruise it was flat out amazing.

25th August 08, 03:40 PM
I know, he played his role perfectly.

25th August 08, 04:39 PM
now if he only looked like that in real life, nobody would follow his craptastic ideals

Aphid Jones
25th August 08, 06:31 PM
The "Full Retard" lecture by Downy Jr. was by far the funniest part for me.

25th August 08, 06:45 PM
That and "I killed the thing I love the most"; "You killed a hooker?"
I was damn near crying when they showed him with his panda hat.

25th August 08, 07:29 PM
I thought it was a boar at first. I had watched Predator a few days prior and that's a similar scene. Then when I saw the dead panda I exploded with laughter.

25th August 08, 10:05 PM
that's what's great about Ben Stiller, he doesn't feel the need to play a likable guy. Needs to have a spoiler note on the top, though...

25th August 08, 10:09 PM
I never intended it to have spoilers, but I guess that's inevitable. Mods, can you please put a spoiler tag in the title?

25th August 08, 11:27 PM
calling people "simple jack" has been fun ever since

25th August 08, 11:56 PM
Ben Stiller made stuttering funny again!

26th August 08, 03:29 AM
great review. i really need to go see this.

26th August 08, 04:31 AM
I saw it but I didn't think it was that great.

funny, a bit slapstick and short duration.

It could have been better.

26th August 08, 09:08 AM
funny, a bit slapstick and short duration.

It could have been better.

that's what she said?

boondock lee
26th August 08, 08:23 PM
I saw this along with pineapple express. It was four hours of pure awesomeness. You guys need to see both of them.

26th August 08, 08:46 PM
I'll see PE this weekend. I think they fitted Harry Osbourn perfectly into the role of a stoner. He's much better than some tough guy.