View Full Version : Righteous Kill: Pacino & De Niro in the same film

19th August 08, 01:31 AM
Hmmm, I'm just going to post the trailer. Chime in if you have more info or think this will be the greatest film ever because these stars are finally on the same bill.


Now if we could only get past that Scientology block so Will Smith and Tom Cruise could be in the same film...

19th August 08, 01:50 AM
I don't know... looks like they'd be the ones secretly doing the killing, but I guess that's too obvious.

19th August 08, 02:04 AM
What is this "First time they're in the same film?" Weren't both DeNiro and Pacino in Heat and Godfather 2?

19th August 08, 02:05 AM
not the first time they've worked together. they must get along in real life. those conversations must be hilarious.

movie looks mediocre though, too bad. i guess i'll just have to see it and decide. maybe the trailer is actually as it should be; a teaser. the good stuff actually happens when you watch the movie at length.

19th August 08, 02:09 AM
Okay, first time as MAJOR stars. Fucking nitpickers.

19th August 08, 02:12 AM
You realize they were both in Heat already?

It has 50 cent in it, so I doubt it will be that great.

19th August 08, 02:22 AM
50 Cent isn't that bad of an actor, I mean he's not great either, just not that bad.

19th August 08, 03:03 AM
Okay, first time as MAJOR stars. Fucking nitpickers.