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6th August 08, 01:42 AM

I'm sure this movie's been posted about before, but I was compelled to give it a re-watch last night since I've gotten back into training and am preparing for a potential fight in November. The movie is awesome so I figured it deserved a little attention from the fight fans here.

Shadow Boxers is a movie about women in the sport of boxing, primarily focusing on the life and career of Lucia Rijker (Boxing record 17-0, Kickboxing record 38-1) http://www.womenboxing.com/biog/lrijker.htm.

The first part of the movie focuses on a female golden gloves tournament champion. Personally I didn't care much for the amateur part of the movie since the skill level represented by the fighters was not what I would consider standard of today's high level amateur competitors, though perhaps the fighters when this movie was made weren't of the same caliber.

The second half of the movie, focusing on Rijker, is phenomenal. Lucia Rijker's skill, determination, and success as a fighter are very compelling. It's also very interesting to watch how she trains and her interactions with her trainer, Freddy Roach, the male boxers she trains with, and her personal views on the sport. You also get to hear some narrative about what goes on in her head during some of her more memorable fights.

For me this movie is very inspirational and watching Lucia really motivates me to try and improve and become the best I can be. Not just as a female competitor, but as a competitor in general.

Anyhow, everyone should check this movie out if they haven't already. It rocks.

Here's a highlight video someone made with some clips from the movie


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6th August 08, 01:13 PM
I watched the first bit with the Ammy fighters, and didn't have enough time to watch the rest, I think I'll go back to it now.

I love sports documentaries...

6th August 08, 01:18 PM
Looks pretty awesome to me, will check it out.

6th August 08, 07:11 PM
Is that the chick from Million Dollar Baby?

6th August 08, 09:25 PM
Is that the chick from Million Dollar Baby?

Yep, she was Swank's last opponent in MDB. Her appearance in Million Dollar Baby actually got her enough publicity that Bob Arum decided to try and put together the Million Dollar Lady fight that was going to have her (finally) match up against Christi Martin for the highest pay off in the history of women's boxing ($250k to fight, $750k to the winner).

Unfortunately the fight never happened due to an injury Rijker recieved during training and the whole thing being canceled.

7th August 08, 01:53 PM
Thanx, Ash, I just put it at the top of my NetFlix list.

I can't believe this is 8 years old and I've never heard of it!

7th August 08, 07:27 PM
My dad first told me about it before I even started training, but I didn't get around to seeing it until a couple years ago.

I'd also like to check out Butterflies and Hurricanes which follows muay thai fighter Alisanne Casey. It looks like it could be pretty cool.



19th August 08, 08:37 AM
Or then there is the Beautiful Boxer:




19th August 08, 02:36 PM
This was a good movie. The OP is right. Worth seeing.

20th August 08, 12:33 PM
Or then there is the Beautiful Boxer:




That's actually a pretty good movie too :P

24th August 08, 07:43 PM
It was recommended to me by a very butch sociology teacher in Seattle. I actually thought it was pretty good, plus she...uh...he [edit: the main character, not my teacher] made a cameo in the movie.

Kicking ass to make money to get an operation to become a girl is an interesting story.

Kein Haar
24th August 08, 10:45 PM
I thought this thread was going to bee about all those n00b muay thai people I see at my regular gym (fitness..not MA) who throw knees and elbows to the air in between sets of stuff. You know, to stay limber. Not to advertise their muay thainess and association with that new UFC stuff...no no no.

But they certainly wouldn't kick you out of bed if you asked about their muay thainess. Heck no. Feel free.