View Full Version : New Spiderman film? Nope, new Venom film.

31st July 08, 09:24 PM
Sucking the franchise dry.

Sony Developing Venom Spin-Off Movie

Sony is considering making a Spider-Man spin-off movie based on the popular villain Venom. The company had previously commissioned Jacob Estes (Mean Creek) to pen a take, but is now considering going in a completely different direction according to The Hollywood Reporter. They are seeking new writers for an entirely new draft, and are also supposedly looking at replacing Topher Grace, who played the role in Sam Raimiís Spider-Man 3. Sony is still hoping to release a fourth Spider-Man film in 2011. Raimi confirmed at Comic Con that he is still waiting to read the script. Basically, Sony is looking to squeeze as much out of their deal with Marvel as they can.


Link. (http://www.slashfilm.com/2008/07/30/sony-developing-venom-spin-off-movie/)

Hmmm, could be cool but probably not.

31st July 08, 09:28 PM
So we have a Wolverine spin-off coming up, we had an Electra spin-off, we'll get a Venom spin-off. Then what? Two-Face spin-off?

Actually, a Commissioner Gordon spin-off could be decent.

Toby Christensen
31st July 08, 09:34 PM
More "backtoback" movies sounds a great idea and should have been done years ago.

1st August 08, 12:26 AM
They should have Quentin Tarantino write and direct Maximum Carnage

1st August 08, 12:29 AM
No, he'd just fuck it up by having everybody run around barefoot and recall the events of the day first in every even hour, then every odd hour. Fuck Tarantino.

1st August 08, 01:13 AM
Venom is badass

1st August 08, 04:25 AM
I just watched Spiderman 3 the other day for the first time, it wasn't as big a catastrophe as I was led to believe. Emo-Spiderman had me in tears laughing though.

1st August 08, 05:48 AM
I think I heard about a Red Sonia requel (is that how that'd be said? what do you call a movie repeat?). But what frightens me is the set-up given in the new Hulk about a possible Avengers movie. Can you imagine the crap-fest that would be the spin-offs of an Avengers movie? The Wasp? Vision?....Power-Man?!?

boondock lee
1st August 08, 09:22 AM
Fuck it, just bring Venom back in the fourth movie along with Carnage.

1st August 08, 11:11 AM
Tarantino is not going to direct anything he didn't come up with himself.

2nd August 08, 07:52 PM
How can they make a Venom movie without involving Spider-Man?
Unless they SERIOUSLY fuck with the origin of the character -which I am sure they are not above doing to haul in some cash.

3rd August 08, 12:42 AM
Separation Anxiety had a decent plot for Venom. His symbiot splits off and starts Carnage and a few other baddies, and he's pissed.

Of course, that would be lost on most of the audience and it wasn't a very good game in the first place.

3rd August 08, 07:42 AM
Tarantino is not going to direct anything he didn't come up with himself.

Tarantino has never done anything original. It's all homage. Usually good homage but homage nonetheless.