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30th July 08, 10:06 PM
We have a thread about our current rides, but what was your first car? Everyone have a soft spot for their first car, that gallant steed that got you through High School.

I have a lot of style, so my first whip was a 1963 Ford Fairlane 500. It had a little V8, manual transmission (three on the tree), and broke down on a bi-monthly basis. When I found it the car had 45,000 miles. I painted it, fixed the interior, put in a stereo, and added new wheels and tires. I do not have any digital pics (1994 was well before I had a digital camera) but it looked almost exactly like this...


So what was your first car?

31st July 08, 01:13 AM

1977 Datsun 280z. Last year before they went ZX and ugly. Paid $2500 for it. Mine was gold, and a car that had essentially been sold from soldier to solider in Panama.

And that's where I left it, because someone had gutted the cats and it wasn't worth restoring them.

31st July 08, 01:21 AM

Looked Almost EXACTLY like this but with different wheels.

31st July 08, 01:24 AM
That was actually my second car.

31st July 08, 01:28 AM
You're such a biter, I had it first.

31st July 08, 01:35 AM

31st July 08, 02:20 AM
Crappy Ford Ranger:


Caught on fire while I was driving it, burned to the ground just off of a bridge.

Yes, it could have been MUCH worse.

31st July 08, 02:33 AM

More like 2006.

31st July 08, 03:01 AM

identical to mine. first year with rack and pinion steering so in order to screw up the alignment all you had to do was turn the wheel sharply while it was parked lol. good acceleration, great mileage. stolen by some asshole i knew, who trashed it. Friend fixed it up then my idiot baby factory cousin took it out with no plates one night and got it impounded and never got it out. it's gone. i miss it. built like a fucking tank, that one.

31st July 08, 03:48 AM
81 Cadillac Coupe DeVille


The odometer pegged at 83 but that wasn't accurate and I could fly by my friends in their new trucks that governed out at 100. Smoke would be billowing out of my exaust, but she'd get me there first, wherever we were going. That big 6 liter V8 took a while to get up to speed but it was a behemouth. Plus as an added bonus there was always the rumor that one could surf on my doors, if they went through the trouble of unhinging them. Thank goodness I lived in Oklahoma and not near any beaches.

Kein Haar
31st July 08, 08:24 AM
You mean SPEEDometer?

31st July 08, 10:37 AM
More like 2006.

Actually, I'm wrong, it was April of 2007. I know because I'd just graduated PLDC (Sergeant's course) and had about a month before we turned around and went out to desert training at NTC.

I paid $6250 for it, with around 90k miles on the odometer.

Fearless Ukemi
31st July 08, 12:40 PM
My first ride was a used dodge caravan. I flipped the thing about 5 times while doing 80. I will visit my parents this week and I will get the pic of it after the wreck.

31st July 08, 05:49 PM

except it was puke green

cost me a total of $100

1st August 08, 03:18 AM

A 1980 Mazda 626. Except silver and (eventually) with the front fender stuck on with masking tape. The doors didn't lock and there was no ignition lock, you started it with a screwdriver.

God I loved that car.

3rd August 08, 08:32 PM

1988 Lincoln Towncar

Pretty much it, except mine had these awesome chrome wire rims. God I miss it. This crazy bitch in a red Honda doing twice the speed limit t-boned me and totalled it.

3rd August 08, 10:14 PM

1979 Tbird. The pic isn't actually of mine, just one I dreged up on google images, but it's pretty spot on. Nothing like 8' of crumple zone on the foreward bow to make people think twice about running that stop sign. It was an absolute beast.

In a strange twist of fate, I later got Tboned by a '79 Tbird. $5000 damage to my truck, $100 damage to the car. They replaced my entire passenger side, he replaced his front bumper.

3rd August 08, 11:19 PM
Yeah, I love how indestructible muscle cars are! I also love getting less mileage than my truck and actually being less likely to survive a serious crash.

3rd August 08, 11:24 PM
a jetta gt, which means it comes with a spoiler and nicer tires, which are now bald anyway. the clutch is almost dead, the moon roof has jammed, the gears hold the car in place better than the hand brake, and after rear-ending someone in a parking lot the trunk latch appears in be inoperable. This is actually pretty cool because I've been driving around with all manner of alcohol and paraphernalia, safe in the knowledge that most pigs probably wouldn't care enough to go in through the backseat.

3rd August 08, 11:24 PM
my CD player is broken too :( also the cigarette lighter

4th August 08, 12:29 AM
my reverse is near-inoperable. my fifth gear is functioning but the stick sometimes jams on the way there. second doesn't always lock in place. it's only a matter of time.

4th August 08, 12:44 AM
approaching 150k miles. the clutch was first abused by a grind-it driver and then by me learning to drive a stick.

Fearless Ukemi
4th August 08, 12:15 PM

4th August 08, 07:46 PM
my dad drives one like that, 86 ram van. it's pretty crappy but it runs well enough. were you very injured?

4th August 08, 09:01 PM
'91 Camry. Went through my two older brothers and me before it finally died. Had close to 300k miles on it and would've made it had my brother not wrecked the transmission trying to rock out of a snowbank.

Actual pic:

5th August 08, 10:09 AM
I didn't own a car until I graduated from grad school. So throughout my high school days and college days I had to beg for rides or borrow the dad car. Luckily he had a good taste in cars and was pretty lenient. Anyway, first car I bought. 2005 Nissan 350z. I wanted a 300zx, but they had already stopped making them when I was buying and I wanted a new car. I'm happy with it between the months of March and October. And now I have to put up with minivan owners with inferiority complexes who won't let me merge safely.


Fearless Ukemi
5th August 08, 11:39 AM
my dad drives one like that, 86 ram van. it's pretty crappy but it runs well enough. were you very injured?

Walked away from that one without even a scratch. I'm just glad I didn't have any passengers.

5th August 08, 01:39 PM
1985 Olds Cutlass Supreme.

I paid 1500 bucks for it.

I imediately yanked the decent 3.8L V6 out and put in a 340HP Olds 350 Rocket from a 71 Delta 88. The 700R4 transmission immediately grenaded upon the first burnout. So in went a B&M-built T350 3-speed and a 10-bolt Posi rear end. We of course kept the 2.71 rear-end gears, though. the 1/4 mile times suffered, but the 60-100mph time was freakish and the top end was over 150mph.

The extra engine tonnage was compensated for with a quick front suspension swap with a 1979 Delta 88 Wagon, and the exhaust was a true-dual with no cats. Throw on a set of vintage Olds Rally rims, and it was the ugliest, drab-est, loudest gramma car on the road.

As long as the road was straight, that car would continue accellerating until it exploded. I out ran Audi's, Porsches, and anything else on the road highway.

I foundthat when you've invested 80-150K in your car, you lose nerve at about 120mph. I had about 5k into that old beast, so I did not give a fuck.

5th August 08, 03:41 PM
'77 Mustang II
The Pinto in Disguise

http://images.mustangmonthly.com/featuredvehicles/mump_0708_10_z+best_mustang_buys+1977_mustang_II.j pg

Exactly, like this one except...not as well kept. It had faded red paint, faded & cracked red interior, and I even had to replace it's 4-cylinder pinto engine once. I paid $600 for it the during the summer of '85. It lasted a couple of years until I fell asleep and drove it into a drainage ditch.