View Full Version : "W" The George Bush Biopic Trailer.

boondock lee
30th July 08, 10:35 AM
I recall reading an article in Entertainment Weekly about this film. Oliver stone is the director and Josh Brolin is the actor portraying our current Commander in Chief. The film covers his early adventures from Yale to his latest fuckups as President.

I am actually looking forward to this movie, it will be interesting to see how well the actors will portray their counterparts.

30th July 08, 11:36 AM
oliver fucking stone.

this movie should have george in a flight suit running around with an M60 shooting shitloads of terrorists. i'd pay to see that.

30th July 08, 05:11 PM
That would be awesome...and more realistic that JFK.

On a serious note. This thing is going to flop. People who hate Bush don't want to spend 10 bucks to get MORE of him, people who like Bush will not go, and those in the middle will not care.

30th July 08, 05:15 PM
Is anyone really in the middle when it comes to Dubya?

30th July 08, 09:32 PM
Is anyone really in the middle when it comes to Dubya?

By the "middle" I mean uninterested non-voters who don't know who the Vice President is but can tell you all about what is happening on The Hills.

30th July 08, 10:38 PM
How? Obama isn't even president yet.

30th July 08, 10:44 PM
Rhapsody in Black

31st July 08, 08:02 PM
I hope he is unbiased when portraying the life of the greatest president since Reagan.

Huh? Nobody is making a Clinton Movie, it'd be a porn flick!