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28th July 08, 04:14 AM
I'm leaving in the morning for a bit of a vacation, roadtrip and some camping. I'm kinda stoned and putting together a mix of tunes for the trip. Check out what I got so far:

Beenie Man - Many moods of moses
Defidelity 6-5000 mashup
Justice - Rejected fabriclive mixtape
Digitalism - Idealism
Massive Attack - Danny the Dog soundtrack
Is it...Man or Astroman
Dub en Sauce (french dub mix - really fucking awesome)
Don Drummond - 100 years after
Blank and Jones - Relax edition 3
Henrik Schwarz - DJ kicks
I love Techno 2007 mixed by Dave clarke

so, who's actually heard of all this stuff? damn i listen to awesome music. what do you guys have on your mp3 players right now?

Ryan Platts
28th July 08, 05:19 AM
young man, what you need is Terrorizer. "World Downfall" is great driving music. Also some early Immortal, because the totally out-of-time drumming will help you moderate your speed to suit the changing speed limits.

28th July 08, 11:31 AM
Best driving song ever: Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry. A must for any driving mix.

28th July 08, 11:38 AM