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26th July 08, 02:28 PM

Model Name HA-FX33-A/B/G/P/W
Driver Unit 8.5 mm dia
Frequency Response 8 23.000 Hz
Normal Impendence 14 ohms
Sensitivity 93dB/1 mW
Max. Input Capability 200mW (IEC)
Cord Length 3.9 feet
Weight (without cord) 0.11 oz.
Plug Gold plated

JVC's Marshmallow is an affordable, comfortable, quality alternative to other, inferior sound wave delivery systems.

Sound quality: Superb. These offer a slightly wider response than most other headphones in the same price range (8 - 23,000 whereas the average seemed to be about 10 - 20,000). The bass is clear and defined rather than too strong and muddy, like a pair of Sony headphones I had, or very weak, like the headphones that came with my iPod. In fact, these headphones are solid and defined throughout their entire range. But wait! They're better at blocking out noise too. They slip entirely into your ear, like little earplugs that play music, rather than sitting on the ear like the iPod headphones. They block external noise slightly better than a pair of over the ear-style headphones.

Comfort: JVC's superior marshmallow technology sits softly in your ear, offering a more comfortable and relaxing experience than your current, inferior listening technology. Having earbuds sitting entirely in your ear canal seems awkward at first, but because the little goey marshmallow things are so elastic you can pinch them or let them shrink to fit your ear. They have amazing memory too; I thought I had finally smashed one into oblivion when I found it nearly completely flattened, but it returned to its original shape overnight. There's also a pair of spares in the package.

What I don't like: Usually the cord is very quiet, but sometimes it finds something on your clothes to rub against and makes annoying noises. The cord is a bit shorter than most, and while it can reach from my ears to my pockets, as it should on any adult male without serious weight problems, I'd like to be able to get further from my computer before I accidentally tear the jack from the socket. Also, the goey marshmallow things will find ANY wax that's in your ear and coat themselves in it. Not really a big deal, but it looks fucking gross.

What would you expect to pay for this amazing pair of earbuds? Forty dollars? Eighty?! No! You can purchase them now for the low, low price of $20 - $25. The only difference I'm aware of between the FX33 and the FX34 is that the latter has a different jack advertised as iPhone compatible, but I've heard that the FX33 has better bass.

26th July 08, 03:18 PM

26th July 08, 03:18 PM
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26th July 08, 03:24 PM
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27th July 08, 04:02 AM
i got the HA-F130's. I didn't like the foam in-the-ear bit. i've had the $70 sony ones with the rubber cap and those are tough to beat. i don't like them that much though because i like to be a little aware of my surroundings, and the sony's are pretty much the next best thing to shure's $180 noise cancelling headphones. my cheap JVC gumy's sound pretty awesome. i have some panasonic headphones which have awesome sound quality and cost twice as much, but the earbuds are shaped poorly and the cord housing plastic is shit. the JVC's have an awesome rubber housing that doesn't tangle as easily.

i'm sure you could strangle someone with them, but you might damage the wire inside so they'd be useless. good thing they only cost $12.