View Full Version : "This song is dedicated to all my fans."

14th July 08, 02:00 AM
I laughed so hard I cried.




Three videos of pretty much the exact same thing uploaded all at the same time to this guy's channel.... this has to be some sort of project or something. He can't be serious.

There are some fucking aweful videos of people playing guitar on youtube, find them. Rep for the first person to post my guitar video.

Yiktin Voxbane
14th July 08, 04:16 AM
The sleeper cells are NOW activated !

14th July 08, 08:17 AM
Wow...he's really really bad...

14th July 08, 10:56 AM
Is that a melody to an actual song that he's playing really poorly or is that something he made up?

14th July 08, 11:08 AM
It's supposed to be the Harry Potter theme by John Williams. There are a lot of terrible renditions of, well, just a riff really from this song floating around Youtube: haveb't seen a good guitar rendition/arrangement of it yet.

15th July 08, 01:27 AM
And you won't. It's like those assholes who try to play the Star Spangled Banner on their guitar. Luckily they all end up dying in their prime.

15th July 08, 03:06 AM
Figured, though this was a little surprising.


My cover of this song -He's a Pirate- on classical guitar. On this video i'm playing the lead guitar, but rhythm guitars and others (2nd, 3rd guitar..) are also recorded by me.

And a single guitar, doing it more or less his own way