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6th July 08, 05:11 AM
Gotham Knight is a direct to DVD anime film mosaic set in the new batman continuity (between batman begins and dark knight) and was storylined by the same writer of Dark Knight.


The film is short, just over an hour long. There are six interlocking mini films which cover the following:

* Batmans rising urban legend
* Flashbacks to bruces training
* Batman testing experimental equipment
* Batmans aversion to guns
* Gotham PD reluctantly assisting batman

I was particularly impressed with several scenes to do with batman and his problem with guns. The training flashbacks for bruce I also really liked, basically its a story about how he trained himself to have a very high pain tolerance (a great hand to hand combat skill).

There are several interpretations of batman and bruce wayne, but the voice acting is all the same so its not hard to follow the story at all.
There was only one artistic style that I didn't like very much, but it was okay because the way that story was told in particular was much more about the 'myth' of batman and so the bizarre style kind of made sense for that purpose. There was one version of bruce wayne which I didn't like because it was your standard anime hair/face etc. But everything else is pretty cool - all the environments, characters, weapons, equipment, costumes etc, and it really doesn't look too much like anime in the end (which is cool, because I don't think I would have liked that too much).

If you are a fan and looking forward to the dark knight then you should watch this, I think you'll enjoy it and it doesn't spoil anything in the next movie because theres really no joker related material.

My only criticism is that there are not many extra features on the dvd - only a directors commentary. Thats it!

6th July 08, 06:15 AM
Did it show him training with Ras or was it just by himself? 'Cause if it was by himself, then it kinda contradicts the huge training sequence in Batman Begins, huh?

6th July 08, 07:44 AM
bruce travelled all over the world for his training, it was not conducted entirely under ras - the scene is in india, where he is trained by a woman known as cassandra. When ras found him bruce could already fight several men at once and had some familiarity with the criminal underworld.

In the directors commentary the director is chatting with one of the comic book writers who mentioned that there are probably a lot of good untold stories about his training, like how bruce would have travelled the world, signing up at universities to do a forensics course under someone really good, then dropping out after that class and moving on.

The particular scene is some sort of pain meditation or something. Learning to ignore the pain.

6th July 08, 07:49 AM
I just did a quick wiki of batman begins and according to the film bruce had been travelling for 7 years before he was imprisoned and eventually found by ras. He was imprisoned in bhutan, which if you know geography is between india and china. Kinda cool ;)

6th July 08, 08:09 PM

there's an axxo release out! i should have this in a few minutes.

6th July 08, 08:13 PM
It's like the Animatrix, cool.

6th July 08, 08:45 PM
Thanks for the tip and good review..

Dagon Akujin
7th July 08, 02:16 PM
Fucking A that looks beautiful. Is it "not for children"?

Hmm... Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Batman-Gotham-Knight-Two-Disc-Collectors/dp/B001614E68/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1215458125&sr=1-1) lists it as PG-13.

7th July 08, 03:00 PM
Nothing beyond a lot of blood and violence.

7th July 08, 03:33 PM
Saw it a few days ago. Wasn't that great. The '90s animated series was much better. Frankly, the reviews I've read about TDK have gotten me much more excited than this did.

7th July 08, 07:25 PM

I wasn't impressed... even the india training thing was all bs-type stuff like being able to take 2x4 hits to the face with no ill effect...

meh, anime

give me joker and some judo throws

7th July 08, 08:10 PM
Well I liked it, but thanks for adding your opinion.

it was a hit over the top of the head, not to the face. Even the lady was hit in the forehead, and that clearly drew blood.

7th July 08, 09:11 PM
...and then a bottle to the back of the head. I would rather have had a decent montage

8th July 08, 01:35 AM
I've been thrown in the surf head first into a sandbank and simultaneously kneed myself in the face - it was a tremendous hit I still remember my vision was swimming for a couple of seconds and I was panicing because I was underwater at the time, but I was okay.

I'm lucky my neck wasn't broken really but I was okay within 30 seconds.

I know its not the same thing, but anyway.

8th July 08, 01:59 PM
Overall not bad. My only wish is they doubled the length of each short. I really hated it how short it was, when i finally get in to the scene it ends.

My favorite short, Dead Shot it felt like Cowboy Bebop

The opening short is something crazy

8th July 08, 08:08 PM
I had to stop the video and LAUGH at the "surgery/pain" part.

8th July 08, 10:47 PM
you mean where bruce seals a bullet wound with a burning disc?

9th July 08, 12:40 PM
I had to stop the video and LAUGH at the "surgery/pain" part.

I think hes talking about "Working through pain"

Another complaint about this movie alot of the animation is subpar you can pull this shit when Afro Samurai (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJycBd-9tCk&feature=related)has been out for more than a year

9th July 08, 05:08 PM
Saw it.

If you enjoyed Animatrix, you will enjoy this.

And because it's Batman, it's better.

9th July 08, 06:45 PM
you mean where bruce seals a bullet wound with a burning disc?

the part right before that in the African hospital

10th July 08, 06:42 PM
Just went and bought it today after work..I will be watching it tonight.
I also picked up Volume1 and 2 of Star Wars : Clone Wars , those animated movies that tie in the story arc between Episodes 2 and 3.
I hope they are all good, this is the most I have spent on dvd's at once in quite some time.

11th July 08, 12:18 AM
you're in for a treat if you haven't seen the clone wars animated series.

11th July 08, 01:40 AM
you're in for a treat if you haven't seen the clone wars animated series.

Only good thing to come out of the new trilogy..

11th July 08, 12:17 PM
you're in for a treat if you haven't seen the clone wars animated series.

Watched the first disc twice already..I actually let my summer class watch it this morning after break for a treat. I enjoyed it, the battle between Anakin and that wanna- be sith robot is pretty cool. The kids really liked it.
I am going to visit a friend of mine this weekend who is a Star Wars nut , so he will like it for sure.
I didn't get around to watching the Batman one last night, but plan to do so this Saturday. I am going to the Paradise Comic Con in Toronto this weekend so it is my annual geek weekend of the summer.

11th July 08, 12:23 PM
Only good thing to come out of the new trilogy..

Almost true..I have to say that I liked the third installment a little bit.
Say what you will about the acting and all the other flaws in story and editing -but there is nothing like a good light saber battle. The death of Qui Gon and Darth Maul was an excellent fight and so were most of the others. The Emperor ( Darth Sidious) succeeded in making me hate him for being one of the most evil, self serving and manipulative villains ever brought to the screen.
But, overall..the new trilogy was pretty dissappointing. I won't even buy them.

11th July 08, 01:14 PM
Momentary star wars hijack...

I think that if you only buy and watch the clone wars animated series and episode III that you get a cool story about anakin skywalkers fall to the darkside. We don't need to know the toddler wearing diaper stories or too much about the love interest, or even where the clone army comes from. Also in the clone wars animated series I thought there was much more exploration of palpatines manipulation of anakin which kind of helps to explain his massive and complete ideological about-turn in episode III. Man that scene with mace windu is awesome (taking out the tank).

Watch batman already!

Dagon Akujin
11th July 08, 05:01 PM
I am going to visit a friend of mine this weekend who is a Star Wars nut , so he will like it for sure.

You should make sure to watch the Star Wars Christmas Special* with him.

I watched it with my sifu, and let me tell you it completely changed everything I ever thought about the Star Wars universe.

*Get the version with the MST3 commentary.

11th July 08, 06:16 PM
Okay, what was the thing firing lasers out of its mouth in sewer supposed to be?


Folks, Star Wars: Force Unleashed will ease all your Star Wars woes.

12th July 08, 08:01 AM
Okay, what was the thing firing lasers out of its mouth in sewer supposed to be?


Folks, Star Wars: Force Unleashed will ease all your Star Wars woes.
Killer Croc. Bats put an explosive in his mouth, that's the explosion, not a laser.

Really enjoyed Gotham Knight. My favourite was the Pain one, especially right at the end.

I think it's incredibly indicative of Batman's struggle against crime and evil, and how all-consuming and burdening it is, that he cannot drop the firearms (tools of evil) he finds even to save his own life. "Give me your hand!" ".... I can't...." was very thought-provoking dialogue. I suppose you could say it was a little obvious, but I really enjoyed it.

13th July 08, 07:59 PM
I finally watched it..
I think the stories got progressively better. I liked 4, 5 and 6 the best. The pain one and the one with the Scarecrow were both really good.
There were some nice glimpses into Bruce Wayne's formative years, which is always nice because there are just so many interesting things that can be revealed.
All in all it was well worth the 20 bucks to own it and I cannot wait to see the Dark Knight next weekend!!
The comic con was a bit disappointing insofar as I was only able to find about four issues that I needed, but plenty of stuff that I wanted.
I only need 10 issues now to have the entire set of the 1970's DC series Weird War Tales. I found two more this weekend, but I thought I would be able to get all of the one's I am missing, damnit!!
The Quest continues...

13th July 08, 08:37 PM
Yeah, it wasn't half bad.

15th July 08, 10:17 AM
I tried to rent this on the on-demand but the freaking system broke right when I was ready to watch it.


3rd August 08, 03:26 PM
Just wanted to remind people who may have forgotten about, or perhaps never heard of, the OTHER animated Batman Movie - which is actually quite a bit better than Gotham Knight in my opinion - Batman : Mask Of The Phantasm.
It is actually seeing a bit iof a resurgence in sales at the moment according to the Future Shop manager I spoke to the other day, due to all the Bat-Hype. My VHS copy disappeard quite a while ago..so I recently went out and purchased the DVD. The version I bought is a double feature and also has a 2nd feature length animated film on it as well - Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero. So if you are going to buy it, you might as well get the one with the extra movie on it because it is the same price.
I am just going to sit down to watch the Mr Freeze one now..
Mask of the Phantasm is great and will be of special interest to people who have read the 4 -part Mini Series : Batman Year Two. You will find out why when you watch it.
Anyways, just thought I would mention it since we are all Bat-Crazy right now.
AT least, I hope I'm not the only one..that would make me a HUGE geek, now wouldn't it?