View Full Version : Faking the Rapture...

4th July 08, 08:36 PM
From the guys over at www.prank316.com...


4th July 08, 10:50 PM
The best part was "Now she's my wife HAW HAW"

4th July 08, 11:48 PM
o boo hoo hoo! I've been left behind.

should've drawn that one out more.

Aphid Jones
5th July 08, 01:12 AM
Part of me finds it hilarious, but another part of me is thinking "what douches."

5th July 08, 02:33 AM
Terribly awesome.

Her face was absolutely priceless.

"Guys I think we've been Left Behind."


5th July 08, 01:22 PM
I despise evangelicals, as I do all fundamentalists and hypocrites. Anyone who buys into consumerist, commercialized spirituality to that degree will have an easier time passing through the eye of a needle than attaining any sort of spiritual solace.

Dagon Akujin
5th July 08, 01:45 PM
This just goes to prove that Christians don't know how to pull good pranks. "Oh noes! She's crying! Everyone run out and tell her it was just a joke!"

Anyone who knows how to pull a good prank would have murdered everyone at her church and all of her family just so nobody she knew would answer the phone or be home when she called.

5th July 08, 02:15 PM
Even better, you pull the prank on the entire church.

6th July 08, 08:45 AM
I am not religious myself, yet I have seen many social experiment results which show they are happier in general. Hard to explain.

"Happy" is a subjective term and for the record most people with Down Syndrome say that they are always happy.