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30th June 08, 07:34 AM
normally I hate this kind of thing but it looked semi interesting (the aluminium heating). Probably just the heat from his hands being trapped in the foil/paper.

The second 'paper walking' isn't anything special though. Easily tested with a set of scales rather than some obscure bodyweight/balance trick.


30th June 08, 07:44 AM
Isn't there a thread about this dude over on Bullshido? Something about him using lye on his hands to cause the reaction with aluminum.

30th June 08, 07:46 AM
ha! thats awesome. I was thinking perhaps the paper had something on it also, or that it was a principle of heat transferance between the materials or something like that.

30th June 08, 07:48 AM
It's this thread (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=69300), you just gotta get past all the shit posting first.

Aphid Jones
30th June 08, 12:22 PM
Yes. I think Virus was the one who posted the story about the man being a fraud who used chemicals on his hands.

30th June 08, 03:47 PM
so what does ripley's have to say about being duped? I imagine they'd be a little disappointed in being a somewhat smaller bastion of truth.

30th June 08, 09:02 PM
just the internet flexing its collective muslces, nothing out of the ordinary!