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billy sol hurok
25th June 08, 10:26 AM
When you put a poster on "ignore," can he tell that he's been put on ignore (a) by x number of users and/or (b) by you specifically?

Just curious.

25th June 08, 10:36 AM

25th June 08, 10:49 AM
What happens when you click the ignore function?

25th June 08, 10:53 AM
You see a message indicating that you have that person on ignore instead of their forum post, along with a link you can click to view it.

I thought I'd removed the function though because frankly, it's kind of chickenshit and the "page down" function works just as well.

25th June 08, 11:56 AM
Yeah really. It's the internet version of "talk to the hand", except they can't even see your hand or know you are ignoring them.