View Full Version : VID OF THE WEEK: Cell phones make Popcorn?

10th June 08, 11:17 PM
Okay, I heard about this on the radio today (107.7, The Church of Lazlo (http://www.1077theend.com/pages/1345871.php) for Poop Loops sake). Apparently they made it work and then ended their show by getting 17 cell phones and trying to cook one of those convenience store burritos. It sounded like something was happening but of course they left the outcome for tomorrow's show...

Anyway, here are a couple vids I found on YouTube (they found out about it via YouTube as well):




From what I've heard, some people are freaking out (no wonder my brain hurts when I use my phone!!) but most are just enjoying this new party trick. Still, I was wondering if this is a hoax (that's why I found so many videos from different countries doing this), anyone able to get a few phones together and try this?

EDIT: Snopes says no (http://www.snopes.com/science/cookegg.asp), but I'd still like to hear real proof from anyone here.


11th June 08, 04:03 AM
damn. time to dig out the headset. and maybe a lanyard....so i can dangle it off a pole or something. fuck.

11th June 08, 01:38 PM
Cell phones emit about 1W of power, and that's radially, not focused. Moreover, it's not at the resonant frequency of water, which is actually how a microwave heats things.

Microwaves are utterly harmless, except at the resonant frequency of water, because then you can get boiled. What happens is the waves hit water, bumping it a bit, and then they keep doing it at the right time, kind of like pushing a kid on a swing. You don't push when he's coming at you, but when he's at the very top. And that's basically all there is to it.

22nd June 08, 06:50 AM
the videos were made by a mobile phone headset company: